Leela tries to seduce Ziggy to get pregnant in Hollyoaks

It's never been the most stable of marriages, definitely not with Ziggy just telling Leela's sister Tegan he's in love with her in Hollyoaks (opens in new tab)! But Leela is out to get jiggy with Ziggy and get their shaky marriage back on track.

Why the change of heart? Leela wants to get pregnant!

Their marriage hit the rocks after it was revealed Ziggy was really in love with Leela's sister, Tegan. But can Ziggy resist Leela's amorous moves?


Leela is dressed to kill and determined to get her man back. But does Ziggy feel the same way?


Leela's desire to have her wicked way with the hunky village mechanic doesn't go quite according to plan...


What's this? Ziggy turning down the company of a sexy woman? There's a first for everything.


Leela feels crushed and humiliated as Ziggy rejects the offer of a romp and gets dressed instead.


Does Ziggy still only have eyes for Tegan? And where does this leave his marriage to Leela?


Find out about their latest love troubles in Hollyoaks (opens in new tab) from Monday, September 7 on Channel 4