Is Kat falling for Dylan again in Home and Away?


Oh dear! Mixing business with pleasure is never a good idea especially when it's with your abusive ex-fiance. However, Kat seems to have forgotten this on Home and Away.

With her and Dylan spending an increasing amount of time together at work, the attraction between them is growing stronger by the day.



When Kat pops around to Dylan's hotel room, she lays her heart on the line, but tells him, although she had some of the best times of her life with him, she also had some of the worst. We're pleased she hasn't totally forgotten just how abusive her ex was!



Earlier, Ash reminds Kat just what hell Dylan put her through, but Kat's very quick to explain how Dylan was dealing with the loss of his son. Ash is bang on when he thinks Kat's burying her head in the sand.

So what's in store for Kat and Dylan? Kat is certainly keeping her options open and tells Dylan she's not ruling out rekindling their relationship, but she needs to take things slowly. That's good enough for Dylan and the pair are soon puckering up for some passion!



However it doesn't take long for Dylan's dark side to emerge when he later sets his sights on his rival Ash. He plans to make Ash's life very difficult indeed, but what has he got in mind?

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