Colby shoots as kidnapped Ava's rescue goes horribly wrong in Home and Away…

A gun is fired by Colby as Justin and Willow attempt to rescue Ava from her kidnappers

Justin wants to pay the huge ransom for his kidnapped daughter Ava but Tori thinks it's a bad idea.

Worried Raffy intervenes and tells copper Colby about her siblings' plans, and soon the Morgans' rescue attempt goes horribly wrong.

Justin is devastated. Willow soon works out she knows the kidnappers, Hazel and Boyd, and realises the saga is her fault.

As Willow puts herself in the firing line for Ava's safe return, things spiral again and when Colby intervenes he's forced to shoot… Who takes the copper's bullet?



Justin's daughter Ava has been kidnapped by Boyd Easton.

Willow helps search for her boyfriend's missing little girl.

Boyd is demanding thousands of dollars to release Ava.

Dean watches the exchange from the bushes.

Willow puts herself in danger as she presents Boyd with the money he has demanded.

She makes a grab for Ava…

But Boyd grabs Willow!

Ava runs towards her daddy, Justin.

Relieved Justin clings on to Ava.

Boyd makes it into his car…

… but instead of driving off, Boyd drives straight towards Dean!

Watching from afar, copper Colby springs into action.

Colby draws a gun on Boyd…

Who gets shot? Watch Home and Away on C5 from Monday 21 May.