Ricky and Nate's marriage is crumbling in Home and Away

The gulf between Ricky and Nate deepens in Home and Away and it's clear this marriage is in real crisis.

Ricky decides she and Nate should go for couple's counselling, but Nate hates the idea and manages to miss the first session.

Once again Ricky feels let down when her husband's work takes priority and there's an uneasy stand-off between the two of them.

As the resentment continues to build, it looks as if this short marriage is doomed. Can anything help the couple to stay together or is the situation beyond repair?


With the couple barely speaking to each other, the gulf between them has never felt greater.

Earlier on, when Ricky receives their marriage certificate in the post she's not exactly beaming with delight.

The certificate is a painful reminder of just how bad things have got between her and Nate.

Ricky arranges a counselling session for the two of them, but when Nate fails to show, something breaks inside her. He's not even prepared to try! Meanwhile Nate is downcast.

Nate explains the reason he missed the session was because he was dealing with an emergency situation at the hospital. He later tries to patch things up and buys Ricky flowers and a present.

He assures her that from now on he's going to make a real effort and promises he'll be there for the next counselling session.

Ricky appreciates what he's saying but can't help feeling all they're doing is papering over the cracks.

Later on Ricky receives a card from Brax for Casey's birthday. She hides it from Nate, but when he finds it, he confronts her. Why is she burying all evidence of Brax, why can't she be honest with him, he's her husband!? Sure enough, another row soon kicks off.

As the pair lie in bed in silence, it's clear the gulf between them has opened up further. Have they both decided it's time to give up, or are they going to give their ailing marriage one last shot? Watch Home and Away on Channel 5, from Monday July 18.