How to save 30% on a Discovery Plus subscription

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Discovery Plus is another one of those streaming services that you're almost certainly going to keep. Sure, Discovery Plus has a free trial — but chances are you'll want to stick around once that's up. And if you're pretty sure you're going to be willing to pay for Discovery Plus, we can save you some money.

Discovery Plus allows you to send gift subscriptions for either six months of service, or 12 months of service. They're both for the ad-free variety of Discovery Plus, which normally runs $6.99 a month.

If you came here looking for a 30 percent discount on the gift subscriptions, that ship has sailed. But you can still go ahead and pay for someone else and gift them either a 6 or 12-month subscription, which is awfully nice of you. Here's how to do it:

  1. In your favorite web browser, head to
  2. Click "Gift Now" on either the 6- or 12-month option.
  3. Choose to either print or email the gift code.
  4. Fill out the gift form, then click "Buy Now."
  5. Fill out your billing information and then submit.

The only catch here — and admittedly this is one I didn't test out — is that Discovery Plus says the gift codes can't be used in conjunction with a free trial. (The exact wording is "Gift subscriptions cannot be combined with any other offer, free trial, promotion or existing subscriptions.) I'd take that to mean that you can't toss in a gift code if you've already started a free weeklong trial.

But if you know that you're going to want to stick around with Discovery Plus — and given the breadth of content, we're willing to bet you will — this can save you a little bit of cash in the process.

This also is an even better deal because Discovery Plus doesn't currently have any sort of non-gift discount if you sign up for service for a year at a time, which is something most other streaming services have.

So sign up, save some money and enjoy.

Discovery Plus is available on most major streaming platforms. That includes Discovery Plus on Roku and on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and more. In addition to the $6.99 ad-free option, you also can subscribe to Discovery Plus with ads for $4.99 a month.

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