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How to watch the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs if you've cut the cord

NHL Hockey Face Off Bruins NBCSN

The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are in full swing. The top 16 teams from the regular season are facing off in a four-round tournament for glory, the title of champion, and the chance to party with the Stanley Cup. Playoff hockey has extra excitement, and it isn't limited to only cable subscribers. Here is how you can watch the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs if you've cut the cord.

Watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs on NBC

Many of the Stanley Cup Playoff games air on the broadcast network NBC. This includes five of the scheduled seven games of the Stanley Cup Finals. A great way to start watching these NHL playoff games on NBC is with an antenna. Simply connect an over-the-air antenna to your TV or tuner, and once you tune to your local NBC station you are ready for the puck to drop.

The best over-the-air antennas available

You don't need to be limited to your TV using your over-the-air antenna. If you want to extend it onto a smartphone, tablet, or streaming device, consider picking up an over-the-air streaming box. It will take whatever the antenna can pick up, and convert it to stream on your local network.

The best over-the-air streaming device

You can also watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs on NBC through many of the live streaming services available. If you already have a live streaming service, or if you are interested in grabbing a free trial to being the playoffs, you should check your service of choice to ensure they offer your local NBC station.

If you have one of these live streaming subscriptions, you can use your login to watch NHL games live in several cities using the NBC Sports app. Just use your login to activate the app, which is available on Android devices, iPhones, iPads, Fire Tablets, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, Samsung smart TVs, and Xbox

Watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs on NBCSN, CNBC and USA

NBC isn't able to show all of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs games on one broadcast network. Often during the first few rounds, there are multiple games being played at the same time. However, their deal with the NHL extends over to other networks in their NBC corporate family. There are Stanley Cup Playoff games on the sports focused NBC Sports Network, financial news focused CNBC, and entertainment focused USA Network. All you need to see these games is a live streaming service that offers the channels in order to watch.

PSVue DirecTV Now Sling Hulu Live YouTube TV Philo Fubo
NBCSN x x x x x x
CNBC x x x x x x
USA x x x x x x

Games from these three networks are also found in the same NBC Sports app. Again,you will need to use your streaming service login in the app to watch on whatever supported device you have handy. You can also stream all of these games on using the same login.

Watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs on NHL Network

The NHL's official cable channel, NHL Network, will also be airing some Stanley Cup Playoff games. So far, it hasn't been announced how many playoff games will be on the NHL Network. However, if you want to watch all of the Stanley Cup Playoff games, you will need to have NHL Network in your live streaming service package.

PSVue DirecTV Now Sling Hulu Live YouTube TV Philo Fubo
NHL Network x x

You need to know that on DirecTV Now, you will need at least the Xtra Package, at $124 a month, to get the NHL Network. With Sling TV, you can use either Sling base plan, but you will need to add on the Sports Extra package for $5 a month with Sling Orange or $10 a month with Sling Blue.

Listen to the Stanley Cup Playoffs on SiriusXM

The Stanley Cup Playoffs drop the puck and play day after day, even if you happen to be busy. You may not be able to get in front of a TV for every game, but you can still be a part of every game live. SiriusXM has you covered with live broadcasts of each Stanley Cup Playoff game.

SiriusXM offers the home and away feed for each game, so you can get local announcers for every team no matter where you live. You can listen to SiriusXM in your vehicle, or streaming to your mobile devices.

Get a free trial of SiriusXM

The best way to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs

If you want to watch all of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and you've cut the cord, the best way is with Sling Orange , adding on the News Extra package for CNBC and Sports Extra for NHL Network. At $40 a month total, this will guarantee you every game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs at the lowest streaming price. Sling does carry some local NBC stations, so check to see if yours is included. If not, grab a good antenna.

If you can do without the games on the NHL Network, there are several good alternatives that will give you all of the other networks you need for between $45 and $50 a month. Check out each, see which have your local NBC, and sign up for free trials to find the best fit for you.

The Stanley Cup Playoff matchups

Round 1 (Best of 7 game series)

Western Conference - Central Division

  • Dallas Stars def. Nashville Predators 4-2
  • St. Louis Blues def. Winnipeg Jets 4-2

Western Conference - Pacific Division

  • Colorado Avalanche def. Calgary Flames 4-1
  • San Jose Sharks def. Las Vegas Golden Knights 4-3

Eastern Conference - Metropolitan Division

  • Columbus Blue Jackets def. Tampa Bay Lightning 4-0
  • Boston Bruins def Toronto Maple Leafs 4-3

Eastern Conference - Atlantic Division

  • Carolina Hurricanes def. Washington Capitals 4-3
  • New York Islanders def. Pittsburgh Penguins 4-0

Round 2 (Best of 7 game series)

Western Conference

  • St. Louis Blues def. Dallas Stars 4-3
  • San Jose Sharks def. Colorado Avalanche 4-3

Eastern Conference

  • Boston Bruins def. Columbus Blue Jackets 4-2
  • Carolina Hurricanes def. New York Islanders 4-0

Round 3 (Best of 7 game series)

Western Conference Finals

  • Boston Bruins def. Carolina Hurricanes 4-0

Eastern Conference Finals

  • St. Louis Blues def. San Jose Sharks 4-2

Stanley Cup Finals

  • Boston Bruins vs. St. Louis Blues

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