David Van Day hopes his hair transplant will take

David Van Day hopes his hair transplant will take
David Van Day hopes his hair transplant will take (Image credit: EMPICS Entertainment/PA Photos)

He recently had a painful facelift operation, so you might have thought David Van Day would think twice about having more cosmetic surgery. But the former Dollar singer and star of the last series of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here has just had a hair transplant, we can reveal. "It was another gruesome procedure, I must be a sucker for punishment or something," laughs David, 51. "I was getting a bit thin on the crown. Nobody ever noticed, but I his it with special sprays and my hair was always rather bouffant because I was combing it this way and that. If the transplant is successful, which it should be – it’s got a 95 per cent hit rate – then I won’t have such a dated hairstyle." David and his former Dollar co-star, Thereza Bazar, reunited briefly last summer to take part in Living TV forthcoming series, Pop Goes The Band. This radical makeover show takes fading chart acts such as Bucks Fizz, Shakatak and Visage and revamps their image with the help of diet and exercise, cosmetic treatments – and even a spot of nip ‘n’ tuck. In Dollar’s case, Thereza said no to surgery, opting for Botox injections to iron out the wrinkles instead, but David had a face- and eye-lift, which took six months to fully recover from. "I didn’t realise I was going to come out of it with a head the size of a TV set," he admits. "The swelling was quite severe and it suddenly struck me that what I’d done was very drastic. "But all these months later, I think there is a great improvement in my looks. I do feel a lot more confident. I don’t think I necessarily look younger, but I certainly look better. Is cosmetic surgery addictive? I think it probably is because it’s a bit like going into a room and painting one of the walls. You then notice the cracks on the other three walls!"

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