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Neighbours’ Matt Wilson: ‘Aaron is the victim of an obsessed Rory’s lies!’

Neighbours Aaron Rory

Neighbours star Matt Wilson has confessed that Aaron’s ex-lover Rory is so determined to have him back that he makes up a sinister lie

Neighbours’ Aaron, actor Matt Wilson has revealed to Soaplife that his ex Rory’s determination to win him once and for all is about to take a dark turn.

What’s the story?

Aaron’s devastated when boyfriend David dumps him due to his increasing closeness to his ex Rory but he’s determined to get his man back by his side. It’s going to be far from easy, though.

“Especially as Rory ‘accidentally’ tells David that Aaron’s told him all about David’s own difficult past,” actor Matt Wilson has told Soaplife.

Will Aaron realise Rory is playing him like a fiddle?

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Soaplife’s interview with Matt Wilson about what's next for Aaron

Soaplife: Doesn’t he understand why David’s suspicious of his connection with Rory?

Matt Wilson: “Yes and no. Aaron knew that David wouldn’t appreciate the extent of his history with Rory, which is why he didn’t reveal it to him. But Aaron presumed they had made progress and were in a good place.”

S: Does he realise Rory is manipulating him?

MW: “Aaron is a very trusting person and his default position is to only see the best in people. Also, though, Rory is very, very persuasive. However, as time goes on Aaron does start suspecting that maybe Rory has an ulterior motive.”

S: Has Aaron been hiding anything from David?

MW: “It probably wasn’t a good move not to tell David that Rory is an ex-boyfriend and that they met up in Paris but he didn’t want to risk damaging his relationship with David.”

S: What’s his reaction when Rory tries to kiss him?

MW: “He is shocked and then angry because his heart is with David.”

S: Then Rory makes out an obsessed fan of Aaron’s has turned up. Does he believe him?

MW: “Yes, he does because this particular fan really freaked him out in the past. The thing is, Rory is very charismatic and particularly so when he asks Aaron to audition for the dance troupe. Aaron doesn’t really consider the consequences of how David might feel.”

S: Is there any way back for him and David?

MW: “I hope so!”

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