Will Paige survive her first professional fight?

Paige Smith braces herself for her first professional fight in the ring in Neighbours; will it end in tragedy?

As Paige prepares for her first professional boxing match in Neighbours, she's devastated when her parents Brad and Lauren tell her they won't be coming to watch as they can't bear to see her get hurt.

When the big day arrives, Paige is starting to have major doubts about going through with it and battles to control her nerves.

As she makes her way into the ring to face her opponent, Angelina, she's pleased to see her friends Toadie, Piper, Kyle and Tyler there to cheer her on.

But has Paige bitten off more than she can chew and is this match a disaster waiting to happen?


Paige braces herself to go head to head in the ring with Angelina.

A pumped up Paige is fired up and ready to go!

Her opponent, Angelina, tries to rattle Paige by playing mind games.

Tyler's concerned when he clocks Angelina applying a mysterious white powder to her knuckles before the fight. Is she playing dirty?

Paige is buoyed when she spots Jack who has unexpectedly come along to support her at the last minute.

Toadie, Kyle and Piper watch at ringside as the fight gets underway.

Paige is on fire as the two women go head to head and start pounding each other.

Angelina is a fierce opponent and it's a close match.

As the women start to flag the punches get more desperate.

Angelina is gaining the upper hand. Will Paige be able to pull something out of the bag?

Her friends can hardly bear to watch as Paige suddenly lands a killer blow to Angelina's head. Her opponent falls to the ground out cold, but there's panic when she doesn't move! As Angelina is rushed to hospital, Paige is beside herself! Is Angelina going to pull through? Watch Neighbours on Channel 5 from Monday, September 12