90 Day Fiancé’s Thaís can’t cook in peace on the latest episode

Thaís and Patrick in his living room on 90 Day Fiancé
Thaís and Patrick on 90 Day Fiancé (Image credit: TLC)

Throughout this season of 90 Day Fiancé, Patrick Mendes and Thaís Melchior have had to navigate a number of obstacles in their relationship. For example, Thaís wasn’t exactly thrilled to move with Patrick from Austin to Dallas and she let her opinions about that be known, specifically when it came to the size of the new home.

Then there’s the fact that Patrick hasn’t been pleased with Thaís for not appreciating the amount of money he’s spent on her. He claimed to have spent $10,000 on her since she’s been in the US and wanted to be more cautious about spending going forward. Unfortunately, she didn’t receive that message well. Although, we imagine it would be hard to take someone’s concerns about shelling out money seriously after he invites you on an impromptu trip to Vegas. 

Patrick Mendes on 90 Day Fiance season 9

Patrick Mendes on 90 Day Fiance season 9 (Image credit: TLC)

With that said, by far the most outstanding hurdle in their relationship is arguably Patrick’s brother, John Mendes. As the couple’s roommate, he is often around the two, much to the chagrin of Thaís. She’s never been a fan of his and in earlier episodes was judgmental about his drinking, his taste in furniture and his overall need to live with his brother. John butting in on her and Patrick's relationship is especially a point of contention. Fast forward to Thaís’ time in the kitchen.

After Patrick shares with his brother that Thaís hasn’t told her father she is getting married (also a big obstacle in their relationship), John takes it upon himself to go to Thaís directly and talk about the issue. Keep in mind, she is in the middle of cooking her soon-to-be husband a version of stroganoff, so she is trying to maintain focus. (On a side note, we aren’t quite sure what kind of stroganoff recipe was used in making the dish, but something about the ketchup and mustard pairing didn’t quite sit well with us.) 

Anyway, Patrick tells Thaís he doesn’t think it’s right for her not to inform her dad of her wedding plans as it sets his brother up to look bad in front of her father. He also believes his brother is a good catch and no one should be embarrassed to tell their parents about marrying him. These are all valid points most viewers would agree with, even if Thaís was trying to "nicely" tell John to mind his business. But then, John took a bit of an unnecessary turn and started being obnoxious as it pertains to her cooking. 

There has to be some cardinal rule of cooking that Rachel Ray or Martha Stewart can attest to that you don’t turn off another cook’s stove unless asked to do so. If such a thing exists, then John violated that by turning off the chicken Thaís was cooking for her stroganoff, just because he felt it was overcooked. This is a guy who dropped a steak on the floor while making breakfast but then wanted to serve it to people to eat. 

Of course, Thaís doesn’t take kindly to that and protests the action. She then grins and asks him to try the dish. He takes one bite and while her back is turned, spits it in the sink. John tells her it tastes good, but he tells the cameras "it’s like eating rubber. Rubber with ketchup and mustard mixed together." The only thing more comical than that comment was watching Patrick try to eat the dish with a smile on his face. We aren’t sure if it was editing, but he drank an awful lot of water. 

What 90 Day fans are saying about John and Thaís' cooking

Fans were not holding back on the John and Thaís debate on social media. While there definitely are John and Thaís divides, everyone seemed to be in agreement that that is not how you make stroganoff.

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New episodes of 90 Day Fiancé air on Sundays at 8 pm ET/PT on TLC.  Also, have you read what fans have been saying about Emily and Kobe’s dynamic or Ari friendship with her ex-husband? Be sure to take a look.  

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