90 Day: The Single Life's Natalie is surprised with life-changing news on reunion special

Natalie on 90 Day: The Single Life
Natalie on 90 Day: The Single Life (Image credit: TLC)

This season of 90 Day: The Single Life has had its share of twists and turns that kept fans glued to their screens. As a viewer, nothing seemed more captivating than watching Debbie go through her physical transformation and entrance back into the dating world. Nothing that is until we watched Ed spend the entire season dating other women just to wind up engaged with his ex from season 1. While Debbie and Ed may have been the main draw for the audience in this latest chapter of the series, it’s Natalie who has people talking after the "Tell All Part 2" reunion special. 

In typical 90 Day fashion, host Shaun Robinson went through the segments for the different castmates, then she turns to Natalie. Natalie didn’t hold back from sharing how happy she is with her new life in Florida. When asked if she missed living in Washington state, Natalie pretty much says no. That question segues into her husband Mike appearing via video, which is when things take a dramatic turn. 

From the moment Shaun began asking him questions, he seemed rather cold toward his wife and uninterested in addressing her directly. Shaun inquires about the status of his divorce from Natalie and Mike mentions he plans to file for the dissolution of their marriage in the coming weeks. Then comes the moment. 

Mike reveals he never filed the paperwork for Natalie’s US Green Card. That shocking news brings the reunion special to a halt. Tania asks for confirmation that Mike never filed the paperwork and he replies no, even following that up with "she doesn’t have a status, she doesn’t have anything." 

Natalie is in disbelief. The 90 Day: The Single Life star can’t fathom that she spent four years in the US and Mike just expects her to just pack up and return back to her country of origin. She feels entitled to more than that and he just responds that he hopes she finds someone to make her happy. Mike later harshly tells her "you made your bed, now you have to lay in it."

As people that are avid viewers of the 90 Day universe, we kind of felt bad for Natalie with her immigration status in limbo and her husband not appearing to care much about that fact. But as Debbie pointed out, Natalie no longer loves Mike. She even moved thousands of miles away to get away from him. So, you can’t blame Mike for wanting to cut ties and move on with his life. 

Perhaps realizing she is in a perilous situation not knowing how long she can stay in the US before having to leave or maybe being saddened that she will soon be divorced for the third time, Natalie starts crying into her hands before bolting off the stage. The cast and Shaun then look to Mike, who is still stoic and not apologetic for what he said. 

Since the "Tell All" was filmed a while back, we grew curious to know if Natalie was still in the US or went back home to Ukraine. Well several weeks ago, 90 Day Diaries aired a special episode in which TLC caught up with several stars from 90 Day Fiancé who were from Ukraine. On the special, Natalie seemingly filmed the episode from the US, giving an update on her mother who was leaving the European country. Furthermore, we found through a quick look at Natalie’s social media that she appears to still be in the Florida area. We aren’t certain of her current immigration status.  

90 Day: The Single Life fans react to Mike’s surprising news for Natalie 

Let’s just say many fans weren’t exactly Team Natalie on this one.  

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