A new Amazon Fire TV update is bringing loads of free videos to your smart TV

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If you use Amazon Fire TV, perhaps if you have a Fire Stick or own a TV from the company, a new update is about to give you plenty more ways to enjoy your smart TV.

Amazon has announced via a blog post that, in the US, Fire TV is about to get plenty of free videos to view. These will be accessible from the home page, as well as the Free tab, and fall into three distinct categories. Please note that this isn't currently for the UK market.

First, lots of sports videos will be coming to Fire TV. There won't be live sports, as you'll need to subscribe to Prime Video sports channels for that — instead, it'll be news and highlights. Plenty of sports channels have signed up for this including NBC Sports, Fox Sports, NASCAR, PAC-12 and more, so there will be a big variety of sports to watch.

From October 7, this will also include World Series highlights, and Amazon's announcement makes it sound like MLB content will be on the service to stay after that.

Secondly, there will be plenty of cooking shows available to watch. These include long-form programs like GoTraveler, short recipes, quick kitchen tips and more. Amazon has promised further cooking shows will roll out too from Martha Stewart, Tastemade and plenty of other channels.

Finally, trailers from IMDb — which Amazon owns — will come to the service as well. Of course, this kind of content is free anyway, but TV and movie buffs will still likely relish the chance to easily check out new trailers. IMDb hosts some other videos, including interviews and retrospectives, but it doesn't sound like they'll be available on Fire TV just yet.

If you own a Fire TV or Fire Stick, you probably just use it to access all your streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney Plus, or whatever you use to stream your shows. But with this update, there's more you can do with your streaming device without having to pay extra monthly fees.

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