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ARSON attack in Home and Away leaves THIS Summer Bay favourite in DANGER

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There's danger heading for Home and Away today when someone tries to set fire to one of Summer Bay's most iconic locations...

Today's Home and Away sees Bella Nixon vow to get revenge on Mackenzie Booth after she breaks Colby Thorne's heart by breaking up with him... but it seems Bella is up to her usual trick of taking things too far when she tries to set fire to Salt.

Mackenzie has been having second thoughts about her romance with Colby ever since she realised just how dangerous his job as a police officer could be.

Home and Away, Mackenzie Booth

Mackenzie has been having second thoughts about her romance with Colby for weeks (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

Then when Robbo landed a punch on Colby right in front of her in yesterday's episode of Home and Away, Mackenzie's mind was made up and she sat her boyfriend down after his beating to tell him their relationship was over.

But while Colby is heartbroken, having missed any signs that there was anything wrong in his relationship with Mackenzie, his little sister Bella has taken the news particularly badly.

Home and Away, Bella Nixon, Colby Thorne

Bella seems to have taken the break up personally (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

However, it seems Bella is taking her role of protective sibling a little too far when she tells Willow Harris and Dean Thompson that she is going to get revenge on Mackenzie for upsetting her brother.

The pair tell her to let Colby and Mackenzie work things out between them, and at first it seems Bella has listened to their advice, and the trio organise a family dinner for Colby when he gets home.

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But heartbroken Colby is too upset to eat and drowns his sorrows in a pack of beer instead... leaving Bella more worried about her brother than before.

Realising she wants to teach Mackenzie a lesson, Bella sneaks out late that night to put her plan into action.

Home and Away, Dean Thompson, Bella Nixon

Dean warns Bella not to get involved, but she doesn't listen (Picture: Channel 5)

But what she doesn't count on is Willow and Dean walking past the restaurant after she breaks in, and when they see torchlight coming from Salt, Dean goes to investigate.

But once he is inside, he's shocked to see someone pouring petrol around the restaurant, clearly intending on burning it down.

Determined to find out who has got it in for Mackenzie, Dean switches on the main lights, flooding the resultant with light, revealing a hooded Bella doing her worst.

Home and Away, Bella Nixon

Dean and Willow catch teenager Bella trying to set fire to Salt today (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

He's incredulous that Bella would put herself in so much danger just because Mackenzie broke up with Colby... but what will he do now he has caught Bella red handed?

Will he go to the police? Or has he got another way of teaching Bella a lesson?

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