10 Years Ago in Soap: Week Beginning 21 January

Tracy Barlow, Coronation Street

Remind yourself of all the soap drama that was happening in Corrie, EastEnders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks 10 years ago this week


Tongues wagged when jailed murder suspect Tracy Barlow – accompanied by a prison guard – attended the funeral of her one-time fella, Charlie Stubbs.

Tricky Tracy may have killed him and pretended it was self-defence against an abusive partner, but the enormity of her crime did start to sink in…

A dejected Chesney Brown took his trusty pooch, Schmeichel, and ran away.

The family worried as he walked the streets of Weatherfield, until kindly Kirk Sutherland found him and brought him and his dog back home.


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A distraught Martin Fowler (then played by James Alexandrou) took his life in his hands when he kidnapped Ben Mitchell. He took the lad high up onto the railway bridge in Albert Square, then phoned his dad, Phil Mitchell, and taunted him that his son was in danger… and he said he’d only see him again if he put him in touch with his on-the-run wife, Sonia Fowler, who’d gone AWOL with their daughter, Rebecca.

Phil did as he was asked and Ben was safe…

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Sonia and Rebecca later returned to Walford, but Martin called the police and she was arrested for abducting their child.


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The ongoing love triangle between Andy and Katie Sugden and Jo Stiles got even more complicated when Katie told Andy she was pregnant. Andy decided he’d stand by his estranged wife, rather than getting more serious with his real love interest, Jo. Needless to say, Jo wasn’t happy…

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There was plenty of tension in the King household when Matthew accused gold-digger Rosemary of killing his father, Tom, for inheritance money. Innocent Rosemary denied this allegation.


A fight between Max Cunningham and his femme fatale wife, Clare Devine, turned very vicious.

Cunning Clare, however, saw how she could use this to her advantage and she ensured blameless Max was arrested.