'Casualty' star Olivia D’Lima teases more wedding shocks in store

Casualty cliffhanger! Frantic Fenisha on the phone shortly before her wedding ceremony.
Casualty cliffhanger! Frantic Fenisha on the phone shortly before her wedding ceremony. (Image credit: BBC)

Still in shock after Casualty’s cliffhanger ending? 

Moments before the credits rolled for this week’s twisty turny episode, Casualty fans witnessed the car carrying bride-to-be Fenisha Khatri to her wedding with Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford) crash onto railway tracks…. As a train approaches!

We caught up with Olivia D’Lima, who plays bride-to-be Fenisha, for a quick chat and to find out as much as possible about the second part of Casualty’s two-part special.

Warning: Contains spoilers!

Olivia, this Saturday’s Casualty ended with Fenisha and her ex-fiance Matthew crashing onto railway lines, as a train approached. Is the next episode going to be equally adrenaline fuelled?

Olivia D’Lima: "If you thought part one of the wedding special was good, wait till you see part two!"

Will we find what happens before the crash?

Olivia: "Yes, and you're not going to believe how Fenisha and Matthew (Osi Okerafor) ended up on the railway track. And what happens after… Oh my gosh!"

Can you tell us any more?

Olivia: "It's going to be seriously dramatic and keep you on your toes constantly. I can promise that you're not going to expect what happens!"

And finally, on a slightly different note — this is the second time Casualty fans are seeing Fenisha in a wedding dress. Do you have a preference between the one she wore when she jilted Matthew, or the one she’s chosen for her wedding to Ethan?

Olivia: "Yes, this is the second time we're seeing Fenisha as a bride!

"And I definitely have a preference between her two dresses… The first one, I have to say, wasn't really my jam and it definitely wasn't Fenisha’s. But the second one is beautiful. 

"Casualty’s costume department out did themselves. It is gorgeous. And I am hoping to nick one if I can, because it is that beautiful!"

Will paramedic Lev, who witnessed the crash save his co-workers? Will Ethan and Fenisha tie the knot? And who is going to break the news that Fenisha and her ex have been in an accident together to the groom and wedding guests!? Find out when Casualty’s two-part wedding special concludes next Saturday, 7 August on BBC1.

Characters and cast in this episode of Casualty:

  • Rash Masum - Neet Mohan 
  • Jacob Masters - Charles Venn 
  • Fenisha Khatri - Olivia D'Lima 
  • Iain Dean - Michael Stevenson 
  • Faith Cadogan - Kirsty Mitchell 
  • Lev Malinovsky - Uriel Emil 
  • Tina Mollett - Adele James 
  • Marty Kirkby - Shaheen Jafargholi
  • Jade Lovall - Gabriella Leon 
  • Jan Jenning - Di Botcher 
  • Charlie Fairhead - Derek Thompson 
  • Ethan Hardy - George Rainsford
  • Dylan Keogh - William Beck 
  • David Hide - Jason Durr
  • Rosa Cadenas - Jacey Salles
  • Ollie Hide - Harry Collett
  • Matthew Afolami - Osi Okerafor
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