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Coronation Street fans CONVINCED they’ve worked out who is tormenting Carla

Last night's Coronation Street saw a cruel twist hit Carla as she received a sinister message from beyond the grave...

Last night's Coronation Street saw a terrified Carla Connor reach breaking point as she was targeted by a  sick prank... but who is posing as Rana Habeeb and sending her sinister messages?

Ever since Rana died in the factory roof collapse tragedy, Carla has blamed herself.

But while she might be convinced that she has got blood on her hands, Peter is desperately trying to keep her from falling apart completely.

The Monday night double bill saw Carla reluctantly go to Aidan's grave to mark his birthday, but with Kate still blaming her for Rana's death, Carla was desperate not to bump into her family there.

But Peter knew that seeing her family is what she needed most, and lied to her that they had already visited, when really he knew they'd be there.

Coronation Street spoilers: Carla Connor receives a threatening message!

Carla was horrified when she got a message from Rana...

Kate wasn't happy to see her big sister, but managed to hold her anger in out of respect for her late brother... but later at the pub, as the family raised a glass to Aidan, Kate unleashed her wrath.

But just when it looked like Carla's day couldn't get any worse, she suddenly got a message on her phone, and went white as she read it.

Carla quickly showed Michelle and Peter the message and everyone was left stunned by the fact it was apparently sent by none other than Rana herself.

But while it was clearly a hoax, who exactly would be nasty enough to send Carla such a sickening message?

With both Kate and Imran blaming Carla for Rana's death, it makes sense that it could be one of them sending the messages... but fans think it is someone else entirely - Jenny!

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But while Jenny does have form for doing shady things like this, could she really be the one to send a message like that to kick Carla while she is down?

With Carla about to crack under the guilt, Peter is right to worry about his girlfriend as she becomes more fragile by the day.

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By the end of the second instalment of Coronation Street last night, Carla was struggling to keep a grip on reality as she crept down into the kitchen in the middle of the night to make a phone call... to Rana!

The terrified factory boss called Rana to tell her that she was sorry and wanted to meet up. With her world spiralling out of control, can anyone help Carla before it is too late?

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