'Coronation Street' fans delighted by the return of a missing character – looking very cute!

Coronation Street Rovers
Coronation Street saw a rover return. (Image credit: ITV)

Corrie fans were delighted in Friday's episode when one of Gemma and Chesney's lesser-spotted twins made an appearance. And many of them melted at the sight of cute little Bryn.

The quads seem to have always been 'upstairs' in recent times. Little Aled has made some appearances as part of his deafness storyline, but the other three tots – Cerys, Bryn and Llio – have been rarely seen. Mainly, they've been heard crying from their bedroom, as Chesney or Gemma head upstairs to sort them out

Coronation Street Bryn Gemma

Gemma is delighted to finally see her boy. (Image credit: ITV)

However, this episode saw a scene with Gemma and Bernie, where the harassed mum moaned over her money worries. But guess who else was there... little Bryn!

Viewers were delighted – and a little relieved – to see that one of the little ones was alive and well.

"Was I imagining it, or was that an actual quad in Gemma’s sitting room?" joked one viewer. And others echoed the sentiment....

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Coronation Street Bryn

Little Bryn takes after his daddy. (Image credit: ITV)

Viewers have been joking online about the quads whereabouts for a while. But there was one big surprise for them courtesy of Bryn's appearance.

As kids, do, it seems the quads have grown a lot since we last saw them last. Now two years old, little Bryn has grown into an adorable little tot – delighting viewers as he threw look at his mum.

"How cute is Bryn?" one viewer posted.

While another was delighted that the boy took after his dad. "Bryn is a redhead!" they tweeted.


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Of course, we know that we haven't seen a lot of the quads over the last couple of years because of Covid filming restrictions. Which is another reason it was nice to see Bryn's appearance – it provided a positive sign that filming on the soaps is slowly getting back to normal.

Bring on Llio and Carys next, please, Corrie!

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