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Coronation Street favourite in DANGER as villain Rick Neelan lines up sickening new plan

Coronation Street favourite Alex Warner is set to find himself targeted by villain Rick Neelan next week...

Coronation Street fans will need to brace themselves, because next week will see an unsuspecting Alex Warner become the new target for evil villain Rick Neeson.

Soap viewers will know that Rick is back in Weatherfield and after Gary Windass, who owes him some serious cash after taking out a dodgy loan.

Gary thought all his prayers has been answered when he was offered a bribe from Peter Barlow recently... quickly agreeing to keep quiet about Carla Connor's knowledge that the factory roof was dodgy before it collapsed in return for cash.

Alex Warner in Coronation Street

Alex finds himself caught up in Gary's drama with villain Rick next week...

Despite paying off Rick with the £9,000 from Peter, the villain told Gary that from now on he worked for him... and next week it will become clear exactly what that means.

In order to pay off the remainder of his debts, Rick drives Gary to an assisted living complex and orders him to do his dirty work for him and con some gullible old people into taking out high-interest loans.

Gary is sickened by what he is faced with and isn't sure he can go through with it... but soon conning money out of the elderly is the least of Gary's woes.

Back on the Street, Gary is horrified when Rick targets an unsuspecting Alex and before he can stop anything from happening, Rick is requesting Alex's passport and PIN number.

Coronation Street

Rick has got Gary over a barrel...

Desperate to stop Alex from becoming an innocent victim in Rick's nasty games, he tries to warn the Roy's Rolls waiter away from taking out the loan with Rick.

But not only will Alex not listen, Gary also finds himself in more trouble than ever when Rick works out that Gary's been trying to put Alex off.

As Rick threatens that Sarah and Harry will suffer if Gary doesn't up his game, the desperate builder is at a loss over what to do.

As an oblivious Sarah heads to bed that evening, poor Gary sits at the kitchen table and sobs... how is he going to get himself out of this mess?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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