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Coronation Street teases possible SECOND WEDDING for this much-loved couple

'At the bottom of it all is a love story...'

Coronation Street producer Iain MacLeod has teased that a second wedding may be in the offing for Weatherfield favourites David and Shona Platt.

The pair originally tied the knot last November after David was released from prison. The barber was serving time for stealing cash from grandma Audrey when he was framed for the attempted murder of fellow inmate and former rapist Josh Tucker, but was freed just in time to make it to the Bistro for the nuptials.

Shona on her big day

Shona on her big day

However, the once smitten couple are now estranged, as Shona has severe memory loss after being in a coma following her shooting on Christmas Day by Derek Milligan. As a result, she no longer recognises her partner, and recently left him devastated by asking for a divorce.

But later this month, Shona will return to the cobbles from a rehabilitation centre in Leeds, and MacLeod has revealed that a “love story” will ensue, as Shona gets to know the stranger calling himself her husband, and David is forced to get to know a different version of his wife.

Will Shona Ramsey surprise her friends as they prepare to say goodbye?

Shona and David have both been through some dark times

Speaking at a virtual press conference, MacLeod told journalists: “At the bottom of it all is a love story, really. It's interesting to see two characters who have been in love have to fall in love all over again when one has had brain damage that has changed their personality.

“It’s not love at first sight when Shona sees David - for his part, David's challenge is to make her fall back in love with him. But she's also a different proposition, so he also has to fall back in love with her.

“Nobody has a long-term desire to split them up, so they will have a happy ending. They’re like cheese and crackers – none are good without the other.”

And, asked if the happy ending could mean a second trip down the aisle, MacLeod admitted that it was a definite possibility.

“It's certainly been discussed,” he said. “To Shona, the wedding pictures she has been shown are of two strangers dancing in The Bistro. What we want to do is ensure that it feels like a love story, so we need some kind of warm ending or a confetti moment for the audience to punch the air with joy.”

Looks like the Weatherfield locals will be dusting off their gladrags and heading to church. Once lockdown restrictions have been lifted, obvs…

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