Could Home and Away be 'facing the axe' after 31 years on screen?

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The Australian soap could be in trouble after ratings fall

Home and Away could be 'facing the axe' after 31 years as ratings continue to fall.

The Australian soap is much-loved by UK fans, but SEVEN - the channel it airs on in Australia - is under pressure to reboot its programming. And Home and Away is reportedly bringing figures down.

The network is expected to undergo a shake-up this year - meaning the future of the soap could be hanging in the balance.

According to figures, SEVEN - well known for the strength of its News and Sports reporting - attracts a whopping 1.115 million viewers for the news show at 6.30pm. But, this drops to 661K come 7pm when Home and Away starts - meaning 454K viewers switch channels when the iconic theme tune plays.


After a successful 30 years on the channel, audience figures have dropped significantly since 2017 - causing bosses to consider moving to a later time slot to enable the show to embrace more "adult" story lines.

Or, the soap - which currently airs on Channel 5 in the UK - could become the centre of SEVEN's digital future and be streamed on their separate platform, 7PLUS, on a Friday. These five episodes would then be broadcast the following week on 7TWO.

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Fans of Home and Away are desperate to save the residents of Summer Bay and took to Twitter to beg producers to bring back some old faces.


"It could be saved! Powers that be need to take a good look at what made this so popular in the first place, look at the original emphasis of the show and go back to those roots with believable characters that people enjoyed watching! A few old faces wouldn't go amiss either," tweeted one user.

Home and Away has produced some of the world's biggest talent - including Chris Hemsworth and Naomi Watts.

Chris played Kim Hyde for 171 episodes before going on to become Thor in the Marvel films.

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Even Danni Minogue was a brief resident of Summer Bay back in 1990 - to rival her sister, Kylie, who found fame on Home and Away's biggest competitor, Neighbours.


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