Deadly Casualty plot twist — will Robyn Miller survive her horror crash?

Casualty favourite nurse Robyn Miller.
Casualty favourite Robyn Miller's life hangs in the balance... (Image credit: BBC)

Casualty served up a massive plot twist during nurse Robyn Miller’s last ever shift in Holby Hospital.

After ten years as an ED nurse, Robyn, played by Amanda Henderson, was ready to hang up her scrubs, say her goodbyes and move to Wigan with daughter Charlotte and fiancé Paul Popplewell. Alas, it was not to be…

*Warning — major spoilers for Casualty episode Falling Down ahead*

Robyn’s final shift was fraught, to say the least. 

During the episode, which aired on Saturday 11 March at 8.45pm on BBC One, Robyn was eager to get home to Paul (Paul Popplewell) and Charlotte (Aurora Jones).

Yet, too nice for her own good, she ended up working long after her official shift ended when a serious accident at a local funfair left the ED at breaking point…

It was a thankless task, and stressed senior nurse manager Jacob Masters (Charles Venn) didn’t exactly kill his team with kindness. He came down hard on everyone — and even kicked a teenage patient out of the ED!  

Adding insult to injury, Jacob’s demands of his staff lead to Robyn’s farewell do being effectively cancelled. Even so, Robyn stayed and went above and beyond the call of duty. But the final straw came when Jacob refused to admit new patients. 

Robyn gives Jacob a very public dressing down.

Robyn gives Jacob a very public dressing down. (Image credit: BBC)

Shortly afterwards, the former friends had a furious argument about patient wellbeing, with Robyn accusing Jacob of tearing the ED apart, declaring: “Patient welfare should be the last thing to go out of the window, not the first.” When Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson) failed to back her, Robyn decided enough was enough, stating: “I’m done — and I’m taking my cake.”

With that Robyn left — sharing a hug with paramedic pal Iain Dean on the way out — and faced her future away from Holby.

Sadly, however, Robyn never made it home.

While ambulances were backed up outside the ED, paramedic Jan Jenning (Di Botcher) received a message from control revealing an urgent RTC entrapment case needing an immediate emergency response. 

Jan marched into the ED and demanded Jacob and clinical lead Max Cristie (Nigel Harman) release one of her ambulances so she could attend… 

Jacob refused, saying they can’t accept any more patients. The cameras then cut to the road traffic accident and a terrified, bloodied Robyn trapped in her overturned car, with no help on the way.

Stunned disbelief. Paramedic boss Jan Jenning (Di Botcher) demands Jacob and Max free up her ambulances.

Stunned disbelief. Paramedic boss Jan Jenning (Di Botcher) demands Jacob and Max free up her ambulances. (Image credit: BBC)

Now the big question is, with no one realising Robyn is in danger, could she die alone? Or will her Holby family come to the rescue at the last minute? 

Find out Robyn’s fate when Casualty airs on Saturday, March 18, 2023 on BBC One. 

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