Casualty spoilers: Robyn Miller’s FURIOUS exit from Holby ED!

Robyn Miller fights her corner in Casualty.
Parting gift. Robyn Miller fights her corner. (Image credit: BBC)

Robyn Miller says an angry goodbye to Holby in Casualty episode Falling Down (BBC One, 8.45 pm, Saturday 11 March 2023 — see our TV Guide for listings). Elsewhere, Faith Cadogan and Iain Dean get up close and personal, Elsie Clegg returns, and Jacob Masters makes a shocking decision that he may live to regret.

Full Casualty spoilers below…

Robyn Miller’s last shift

It’s Robyn Miller's last day and, after ten years as an ED nurse, she’s excited to start a new chapter with fiancé Paul Pegg and daughter Charlotte in Wigan.

Holby, however, is not ready to let her go… As Robyn (Amanda Henderson) is preparing to say her goodbyes, there’s a serious incident at a fairground and Jacob Masters (Charles Venn) begs her to stay on. 

Kind-hearted Robyn reluctantly agrees to work a few extra hours, but soon wishes she hadn’t! 

Robyn gives Jacob a very public dressing down.

Chaos ED. Robyn gives Jacob a very public dressing down. (Image credit: BBC)

As the wards fill up with deathly ill patients, Jacob rapidly loses control of the ED and his temper! When the senior nurse stops admitting new patients Robyn finally snaps. She gives Jacob a furious public dressing down and storms off! 

She’s ready to start her new life and has a mountain of packing to do. But will Jacob really let Robyn leave in such bitter circumstances?

Max looks on as Robyn takes her leave of Holby ED.

A painful farewell. Robyn's last ever ED shift is fraught and unfulfilling.  (Image credit: BBC)

As Amanda Henderson told us in an exclusive interview last year: ‘Drama is drama for a reason! Honestly, even after ten years Casualty surprises me!’ 

Faith and Iain get passionate!

This week ACP nurse Faith Cadogan works closely with paramedic Iain Dean when there’s a catastrophe at a local fun fair… And things get intense between them on and off the job!

At the fairground incident Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) and Iain (Michael Stevenson) understand the true meaning of ‘house of horrors’ when they discover father and daughter, Matt and Amy, impaled together by a single pole in the haunted house. 

With the fire service not yet at the scene, Faith and Iain do everything they can to save their patients' lives in this gory and dramatic storyline. With time running out Matt (Marlon G. Day, Coronation Street) begs the medics to separate him from Amy (Anna Jobarteh, Doctors) to save her life. Will Faith and Iain agree to take deadly action?

Faith and Iain at the fairground accident.

Faith and Iain are shaken by events at a local disaster. (Image credit: BBC)

Love and lust

There’s no denying they make a good team and after their gruelling shift ends, Faith thinks so too… While getting changed at the ambulance crew headquarters she impulsively and passionately kisses Iain!

Check out THAT KISS in the Casualty Spring 2023 trailer!

At first he’s confused, but when she explains that life’s too short, Iain doesn't hesitate to respond in kind! Like a couple of excited teenagers, they make secret plans for that evening. But, just as it looks like love is finally on the cards for Faith and Iain, news comes in that pensioner Elsie Clegg is missing. 

Frantic with worry, Faith cancels on Iain and goes in search of Elsie (Coronation Street legend Amanda Barrie made her first Casualty appearance as Elsie last October). Why has Elsie run away from her care home — and will Faith find her alive?

The look of love. Iain and Faith before they kiss.

Faith and Iain decide to intertwine their professional and personal lives in Casualty. (Image credit: BBC)

Is Elsie’s disappearance tied into Dylan Keogh’s elder abuse suspicions?

Jacob takes action

The doctors, led by Max Cristie (Nigel Harman) are critical of the time it’s taking to process blood tests, piling even more pressure on the nursing staff this week...

Max is the one who first mentions closing the ED to Jacob… Coincidence?

Max is the one who first mentions closing the ED to Jacob… Coincidence?  (Image credit: BBC)

As the ED reaches full capacity Jacob makes a shocking decision to get things back on track — he orders his colleagues to close the ED doors and stop taking new patients. Robyn immediately calls him out (see above) and she’s not the only one — enraged Iain also squares up to the senior nurse manager. 

Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson), however, disappoints Robyn when he fails to back her.

Is this a drastic decision that Jacob will live to regret?

Jacob at breaking point.

Regrets? Jacob may have a few when he manages Holby ED his way... (Image credit: BBC)

Also in Casualty this week…

With the ED overflowing, nurse David Hide (Jason Durr) is desperate to find elderly end-of-life patient Pat (Margaret Jackman, Happy Valley, Game of Thrones) a quiet place to die. He turns to Dylan Keogh (William Beck) for help, but the former clinical lead is a shadow of himself and refuses in this heartbreaking and touching storyline.

David is furious with Jacob.

David is furious with Jacob. (Image credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Paul Pegg (Paul Popplewell) has never been happier. This week he’s eagerly packing up with the help of Robyn’s daughter Charlotte (Aurora Jones), ready for a fresh start with his new family. 

Marty Kirkby (Shaheen Jafargholi) on the other hand is sad to see Robyn go, but gifts her a friendship necklace, with one half for her and one half for him.

Despite not getting to say a proper goodbye to Robyn, Marty is firing on all cylinders on the work front, as he deals with a mysterious walk-in patient called Raphael (Sonera Angel, who will be starring in upcoming Netflix thriller Damage with Spooks' Richard Armitage and Peaky Blinders' Charlie Murphy). When it becomes clear that Raphael is increasingly desperate, will Marty call in the authorities?

Marty makes a decision about Raphael's future.

Marty makes a decision about Raphael's future. (Image credit: BBC)

Also guest starring this week are So Awkward’s Oliver Watts and Zoe Armer as star-crossed teenagers Rubio and Vicky, who are indirectly responsible for Jacob completely losing his cool and Robyn’s decision to dramatically quit the ED!

Elsewhere, Melissa Parker (Doctors) stars as distressed mum Dawn, whose ex Terry (Tommy Garside, Father Brown) is less than sympathetic when she winds up in the ED with their newborn son, Ren.

New mum Dawn needs help.

New mum Dawn needs help. (Image credit: BBC)

There’s no sign of Marcus Fidel and Stevie Nash seems back to full capacity, in a working sense at least. But is Stevie (Elinor Lawless) really free of Marcus? She sent him packing after a cunning powerplay resulted in her downloading the contents of his phone, with the help of security expert Steve (Simon Naylor, Waterloo Road).

Soapland rules dictate Marcus (Adam Sina) should get a more public comeuppance. After all, there's still a question mark over his involvement in Eloise’s death. Not to mention that he's on the board of Holby's care homes...

Could Marcus be plotting revenge off-screen? 

Marcus Fidel may be gone, but he's not forgotten by Stevie Nash.

Marcus Fidel may be gone, but he's not forgotten by Stevie Nash. (Image credit: BBC)

And, finally, will a tragic and shocking twist bring Holby’s medics to breaking point?

Paramedic boss Jan Jenning (Di Botcher) demands Jacob and Max free up her ambulances.

Also in Casualty this week...Paramedic boss Jan Jenning (Di Botcher) demands Jacob and Max free up her ambulances. (Image credit: BBC)

Has Dylan Keogh has checked out of ED life?

Has Dylan Keogh has checked out of ED life? (Image credit: BBC)

David is determined to find dying patient, Pat, a private cubicle.

David is determined to find dying patient, Pat, a private cubicle.  (Image credit: BBC)

Will Faith get time alone with smitten paramedic, Iain?

Having made up her mind about Iain, will Faith get time alone with the smitten paramedic? (Image credit: BBC)

Casualty episode Falling Down airs on Saturday, March 11, 2023, at 8.45 pm on BBC One. It will be available on BBC iPlayer after transmission.

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