New Casualty trailer reveals shock twists, huge heartache, VICIOUS feuds and a surprise return!

Casualty favourite Iain Dean looks worried.
Casualty favourite Iain Dean is right to look worried... (Image credit: BBC)

BBC Casualty has dropped a new trailer — and there are big twists and turns in store for the medics at Holby ED!

New clinical lead Max Cristie (Nigel Harman) is set to have a BIG impact on the wards. And worryingly, he’s gunning for demoted clinical lead Dylan Keogh!

Dylan (William Beck) and Max have a secret shared history going back to their university days, and it’s going to play out in an explosive new storyline.

New Casualty doctor Max Cristie gets to work in Holby ED.

It's personal! New clinical lead Max Cristie has an axe to grind with Dylan Keogh. (Image credit: BBC)

As the Casualty Spring trailer opens, Max is screaming at a speechless Dylan saying:

“This place was a mess when I took over. It needs someone capable and efficient and that sure as hell isn’t you!” 

Honestly, we’ve not seen Dylan this broken since Ciara Cassidy left him. Between Max’s hatred for him, Marcus’ plotting, the care home abuse investigation, and a shock development with his ex, nurse Faith Cadogan (see below for more on this), we’re rather worried for dear old Dylan…

There are dark days ahead for Dylan...

There are dark days ahead for Dylan... (Image credit: BBC)

Exclusive interview with Nigel Harman on his new role in Casualty

Elsewhere, hospital manager Marcus Fidel (Adam Sina) has senior nurse Jacob Masters (Charles Venn) in his sights. But unlike Max, who’s fury is on the surface, Max techniques are more sinister...

In the trailer we witness Jacob outside the hospital in tears and a state of panic, while Marcus is seen saying nastily: 

“These are the trenches Jacob. If you're not capable of making the difficult decisions, I am.”

Jacob, we believe you when you say: “We’re at breaking point.”

Jacob becomes a target for Marcus.

Jacob becomes a target for Marcus. (Image credit: BBC)

Speaking of Marcus… His coercive control over consultant Stevie Nash (Elinor Lawless) advances rapidly. 

In the trailer Stevie is seen referencing Jacob’s abusive ex, Tina Mollett. This must mean Jacob has identified Marcus’ pattern of behaviour (and also explains why Marcus has it in for him!)

Marcus and Stevie have a complex relationship — they had an affair while he was engaged to her sister, Emma. The revelation of their betrayal was instrumental in Emma being involved in an accident that left her in a vegetative state until her death. Something that rears its head in this new trailer!

But Marcus better watch out. Stevie reckons “He shouldn’t be able to get away with it.” 

At some point Stevie is coming for Marcus, and if anyone can fight fire with fire, it’s her! (Remember how she plotted revenge on Ethan Hardy and forced Jade Lovall to quit?)

Marcus Fidel sets his sights on winning Stevie back.

It's complicated between Marcus and Stevie. (Image credit: BBC)

Next up… 

ACP nurse Faith Cadogan and paramedic Iain Dean kissing very, VERY passionately! 

These two have been pals for years. Last year, however, their friendship turned flirty — until Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) friendzoned Iain (Michael Stevenson). Could this be the start of a beautiful relationship or a one-off bunk up? 

Faith Iain Casualty

Could this be love? Who's going to break it to Dylan - he has history in this department with Iain! (Image credit: BBC)

Other big Casualty storylines to look out for…

Robyn Miller (Amanda Henderson) going down on one knee in front of boyfriend Paul Pegg (Paul Popplewell). We love a Casualty wedding — although they almost always end in disaster! 

Faith embracing Elsie Clegg (returning guest star Amanda Barrie). Is Elsie a victim of the abuse at Willco House?

A scene where Faith is thrown across a hospital bed and appears to have been attacked by a patient.

Rash Masum (Neet Mohan) running through the streets of Holby late at night. 

Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson) in tears. Whoever has upset Casualty legend Charlie is going straight into our bad books!

And last, but certainly not least… The surprise arrival of Holby City surgeon Sacha Levy (Bob Barrett). Is Sacha here to stay, or is this a flying visit? Either way, welcome back to our screens! 

Kindly Sacha Levy outside the hospital smiling sadly.

Look who's back! Is Sacha here to stay? (Image credit: BBC)

You can watch the trailer in all it's glory below... 

Casualty continues on Saturdays on BBC One. See our special Casualty page for spoilers, exclusive interviews and all the latest from Holbyland.

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