Disney Plus is finally getting a dedicated PS5 app, with some useful new features

The Disney Plus landing page on a connected TV device.
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If you watch Disney Plus on your PS5, then a new app rolling out could make your experience a lot more enjoyable.

While Sony's newest console lets you play 4K video games, its Disney Plus app only supported video playback up to 1080p — that's because the app was actually the PS4 one, and that console only supported 1080p video.

However, Disney is now rolling out a new version of the app, specifically designed for the PlayStation 5. This lets you watch all the 4K videos Disney's streaming app supports, and it also supports HDR playback too.

This is a new app, not an update to the existing one, so you won't be able to use it automatically. To download the new app, head over to the Media tab of the console, and download it like you did the older version.

Disney Plus has an absolutely huge library of 4K videos. These include originals like Andor and Turning Red, and other classics like the X-Men or Pixar movies. In fact, the Disney Plus home page often has a special category for Ultra HD (another word for 4K) and HDR videos. So now, you'll be able to watch all of these using your PlayStation 5.

Of course, this change will only affect you if the TV or monitor your PS5 is connected to supports 4K and HDR — otherwise, your screen's quality will dictate what resolution you watch videos in.

* If the terms '4K' and 'HDR' don't mean much to you, don't worry. 4K refers to the resolution of a video, and it's a term used to refer to videos with a resolution of roughly 3840 × 2160 pixels (there's a range of resolutions that are accepted. It's the next step up above 1080p, or 2K, which is usually around 2048 × 1080.

* HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and it allows for a bigger range of color and brightness in image quality — put simply, HDR videos look more colorful, bold and vivid.

If you're a fan of watching streaming services in 4K and own a PS5, then you'll probably have been waiting for an upgrade to Disney Plus for a while now, as lots of its rivals already offer high-resolution video. Prime Video and Netflix already have Ultra HD streaming, although you need to pay extra for it on the latter platform.

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