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Double DEATH bombshell hits THIS EastEnders favourite next week

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There's heartache heading for EastEnders' Sean Slater next week...

Next week's EastEnders sees Sean Slater reacquaint himself with Albert Square after ten years away... but it's not long before he's hit with a double blow that will leave him wondering why he ever returned.

As the reality that Sean is behind Amy's disappearance at the end of this week hits Jack Branning, he quickly realises his old nemesis Sean has no idea that Roxy died in a horrific swimming pool accident on New Year's Day 2017.

Jack breaks the news to Sean by taking him to Roxy's grave, leaving Sean stunned that he had no idea that his ex wife has been dead for the last two years.

EastEnders Jack Branning and Sean Slater

Sean is stunned to learn that Roxy has been dead for more that two years...

Understandably Sean doesn't react well to the news about Roxy, especially when Jack doesn't hold back in letting Sean know that he also holds Roxy entirely responsible for Ronnie's death.

But that's not the only death shock that is heading Sean's way next week.

He is also confronted with the reality that his mum, Jean, is very sick when he accompanies her to a chemotherapy appointment.

EastEnders Sean Slater Jean Slater

Jean is delighted to finally see Sean...

Just when it seems that he can't cope with what is happening to his mum, Stacey is there to deliver some harsh home truths to her brother, making him realise he needs to stay in Walford and support his family.

Jean is understandably thrilled to have her son back by her side and reveals that they should go away for a few days so they can catch up on the last decade.

But as the pair get to a remote farmhouse in the countryside, they decide to go for a walk and Jean ends up badly injuring herself.

Despite her claims that she is fine, Sean can see Jean is in a bad way, and thinking that she might be about to die, Sean makes a shocking confession by revealing the secret he has returned to Walford with.

EastEnders Sean Slater

What secret is Sean hiding?

Before Jean can react she loses consciousness and Sean is forced to leave her alone while he calls an ambulance.

Thinking that things don't look good for Jean, Sean also calls Stacey, who races to be with her mum... but what will she find when she gets there?

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