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Drama in Home and Away as THIS Summer Bay favourite puts their life on the line

Home and Away

There's heartbreak heading for Home and Away when Robbo puts his own life at risk to save those he loves...

Home and Away's Robbo puts his life in danger as he heads out into the world to face the gang trying to kill him... but as he leaves pregnant Tori Morgan behind at the safe house, will she ever see him again?

Ever since Robbo and Jasmine's wedding day was raided by federal police, they have been hiding in a safe house with Tori, who is pregnant with Robbo's baby.

After the police discovered the gang who killed Robbo's wife and two children before he came to Summer Bay are back and looking for revenge, they decided it was best for everyone that the trio were taken to a safe house in the middle of nowhere.

Home and Away, Robbo, Lance Salisbury

Robbo makes she shocking decision to leave the safe house and smoke out his enemy (Picture: Channel 5)

But while their friends and family worry about their whereabouts, it seems the sitting around and waiting for something to happen is too much for former cop Robbo and he decides to take action today.

As his friend and former colleague Lance points out that if he leaves the safe house he can never return because of the dangers it might bring, Robbo is forced to break the news to new wife Jasmine that he is leaving.

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But Jasmine isn't letting him go that easily, and tells him they're a team and they'll be leaving together.

As the pair prepare to head back to Summer Bay, they're aware they are being forced to leave Tori behind on her own, and with her pregnancy already high risk, everyone is secretly worried about being apart.

Home and Away, Jasmine Delaney, Tori Morgan

Jasmine and Tori are shocked by Robbo's decision to leave (Picture: Channel 5)

Lance tells Robbo that Tori is in safe hands, and as the former police officer is sworn back into the federal police, it is time for Robbo and Jasmine to leave and head home to smoke out their nemesis.

But will Tori be okay alone in the safe house with a baby on the way?

And is Robbo's plan going to work, or is he just leading himself and Jasmine into grave danger?

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