Viewers accuse EastEnders of ‘forgetting about Abi Branning’ – here’s why!

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It’s been a tough week for the Branning family following Abi and Lauren’s fall from the Queen Vic roof.

Although Lauren miraculously survived the freak accident, pregnant Abi was declared brain dead forcing doctors to deliver her baby prematurely.

Despite recent praise from fans that the BBC One soap is finally back to it’s best, many have taken to social media to accuse producers of ‘forgetting’ about Abi’s heartbreaking storyline and failing to include actress Lorna Fitzgerald in the end of year credits.

One wrote: ‘Loving #EastEnders so much lately but apparently forgetting Lorna/Abi’s name in the credits and everyone partying in the Vic not knowing she’s brain dead like she has three flatmates how have they not heard about this?’

Another said: ‘So not only have residents, family etc. forgotten or care Abi’s in hospital, #EastEnders have forgotten to add Lorna to the credits, no respect!’

Many posted screen grabs of the credits on Twitter that appeared to show Lorna’s name had been missed off of the list.

But we're sure there's a perfectly good explanation behind the apparent mistake!