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Did EastEnders hint that Denny would die EIGHT months ago with THIS hidden clue?

(Image credit: BBC)

Did you see it coming, too?

Last week saw EastEnders portray a seriously nail-biting storyline in honour of its 35th year on our screens.

The gripping episodes saw the residents of Albert Square take to the Thames for an epic boat party, but things turned sour when the vessel began to sink.

Having been locked in a room by a furious Ian Beale, Sharon Mitchell's teenage son Denny drowned as the boat flooded in a terrifyingly climactic episode, leaving viewers stunned.

EastEnders Queen Vic boat tragedy

The gripping storyline left Sharon's son Denny dead (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Matt Burlem/Amy Sharp)

But did creators of the BBC smash hit soap hint that Denny's fate was sealed with subtle nods a whopping eight months ago? Some fans think so...

Over on social media, viewers have pointed some harrowing moments from last year that may have been clues about Denny's tragic end.

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Back in June 2019, Denny's stepbrother Ben Mitchell popped to the Minute Mart to buy Sharon a card, having heard she was pregnant with what he thought was his father Phil's child.

Making a cheeky joke, Ben picked up a condolences card reading 'deepest sympathies', explaining to Lola, "It could be ironic, couldn't it?"

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In another dark scene from months ago, Phil's son Louise begged Sharon to tell her if there was anything going on between her and her boyfriend, Keanu.

Sharon was having an affair with the Walford bad boy but still insisted there was nothing going on, even swearing on her son's life.

She told Louise, "Find a Bible if you like," before adding, "I swear on my son's life."

Making the spooky connection, one fan took to Twitter to predict Denny's passing.

'I have resigned myself to the fact Dennis is going... it began when Sharon said "on my son’s life",' they penned.

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Another eagle-eyed watcher highlighted a creepy clue from the night of Denny's death.

Before he drowned, character Stuart Highway was seen dressed up as Captain Hook, declaring that a "pesky boy in green" would "never grow up".

Noticing the colour of Denny's clothing, one fan wrote on social media, 'After Stuart’s Peter Pan reference of a boy never growing up, and Denny being in a green coat, I thought it’d be him that died. Really sad and tragic death!'

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.