EastEnders fans admit they are 'dreading' the next episode

Sonia at Dot's funeral in EastEnders
Dot's funeral is going to be emotional (Image credit: BBc)

Normally, EastEnders fans can't wait for the next episode of their favourite show and are forever scouring magazines and websites for the latest gossip.

But in an unusual situation this week, the normally over-eager fans admit they would be happy to wait a bit longer for their next instalment – because they are dreading what comes next.

The reason? Well, Monday's episode of EastEnders will see the funeral of Square legend Dot Branning. 


Dot's nearest and dearest prepare for her final journey (Image credit: BBC)

Thursday night's episode saw emotional scenes play out as Dot's coffin arrived at her home in Albert Square.

As Sonia brought Jack, Whitney and Dotty to the house, she she revealed that Dot's coffin was in the living room and told them, "I haven't been able to go in there. It's where she belongs, but I just don't feel ready to say goodbye."

Supported by trio, the group entered the living room to see Dot's coffin.

The emotional episode ended with no dramatic 'doof doof'. There was just a fade into the end credits after Sonia emotionally declared, "She's home."

This high emotion had viewers in bits and worrying how they'll cope when Monday's funeral episode arrives.

"That final scene gave me shivers down my back," said one. "Seeing Dot's coffin makes it real. I'm dreading Monday night's episode."

Another added, "Dot's funeral is going to be one of the saddest episodes of this year."

And one summed up many viewers feelings with these three words, "I'm not ready."

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Monday's episode will see Albert Square come together to say their final goodbyes to Dot.

Old faces returning include Dot's friend Colin (Michael Cashman), as well as her granddaughter Lauren (Jaqueline Jossa) plus the arrival of a new character, Dot's great nephew Reiss (Jonny Freeman).

Sonia at Dot's funeral in EastEnders

Sonia is struggling with Dot's death (Image credit: BBc)

Dot's funeral comes after the passing back in April of actress June Brown, who played Dot for 35 years.

Dot's friends and family gather for her funeral in EastEnders

Old and new faces say goodbye to Dot (Image credit: BBC)

For more spoilers on Dot's funeral episodes check our our EastEnders spoilers page.

EastEnders normally airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One, but that may change due to World Cup coverage so do check our TV Guide. You can catch up on BBC iplayer

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