EastEnders spoilers: Dot Branning's final farewell

Sonia Fowler prepares for Dot Branning's funeral
At Dot Branning's funeral, Lauren Branning returns to support Sonia Fowler and Jack Branning. (Image credit: BBC)

Dot Branning's funeral brings together Albert Square residents past and present in Monday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Dot Branning is given a final send off as Albert Square prepares to pay its respects. Sonia Fowler is struggling with the loss of her grandma, as the shock news of her death has left her heartbroken.

Knowing she has to deliver a eulogy at the service, Sonia has sat down numerous times to write something but in her grief she's been grappling with writer's block.

Soon, more mourners for the much-loved Dot arrive in the Square, many who once lived in Walford

Dot's step-granddaughter Lauren Branning has even arrived from abroad. She hasn't set foot in Walford for four years since leaving for a new life in New Zealand with her young son Louie, who she had with ex Peter Beale.

Lauren joins Sonia and her uncle Jack Branning in reminiscing about Dot. She's sympathetic when Sonia confesses that she's having trouble writing the eulogy.

In a bid for inspiration, Sonia borrows the keys to the empty launderette where Dot used to work and sits quietly, hoping the words will come. When her ex-husband Martin Fowler finds her alone in the launderette, he comforts her as she sobs.

As a desperate Sonia explains that she can't write the eulogy, Martin encourages her, insisting all will be well as long as she speaks from the heart.

Colin Russell and Sharon Watts at Dot Branning's funeral

Colin Russell arrives in Albert Square to pay his respects to Dot Branning. (Image credit: BBC)

The funeral procession is soon underway and the residents of Albert Square come out of their homes in a mark of respect for Dot.

When Dot's old friend Colin Russell arrives, Sharon Watts is heartened to see him and she introduces him to her brother Zack Hudson. Colin lived in the Square back in the day with then boyfriend Barry Clark, when Sharon was just a teenager.

Despite a rocky start with a very religious Dot, who disapproved of his relationship with Barry, he supported her through some marriage troubles and they became firm friends.

Sonia and the extended Branning family are touched to see the outpouring of love for Dot as she makes her final exit from Albert Square.

Colin Russell and Mary Smith at Dot Branning's funeral

Mary Smith joins Colin Russell at Dot Branning's funeral. (Image credit: BBC)

More mourners arrive at the church and Sharon is happy to see more of Dot's old friends from the past. 

Former residents Mary Smith and Disa O'Brien have also arrived, as Dot helped them both when they were struggling teenage single mums.

As Sonia takes her place at the front of the church to give her eulogy, another former Albert Square resident Lofty Holloway arrives to pay his respects.

Sonia looks to the crowd of mourners as she prepares to commemorate Dot's life.

Disa O'Brien and Kathy Beale meet at Dot Branning's funeral

Kathy Beale greets former Albert Square resident Disa O'Brien. (Image credit: BBC)

After the funeral, Kathy Beale is surprised when she spots Disa, who Dot helped out when she was a struggling teen. The pair share a warm hug and Disa reveals she wanted to be at the funeral as she has a lot to thank Dot for in getting her back on her feet.

Kathy and Disa reflect that Dot took in many waifs and strays over the years, who would otherwise have been left to cope alone.

Without Dot's help, people like Mary, Disa and Kathy's late daughter Donna Ludlow who died from a heroin overdose, would have had nobody to turn to.

They agree that Dot's strong will and good heart ensured that she helped out so many, leaving a lasting legacy.

She will be forever missed and always remembered.

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Tuesday at 7:30 pm (OR Wednesday at 7:30pm. Transmission day to be confirmed due to football).