EastEnders fans aghast as passionate moment ends in shock violence!

The Albert Square sign on the set of EastEnders
Passion got a little too fired up on the Square... (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans were left reeling after Thursday night's episode when a much-anticipated moment of passion didn't end the way they reckoned it would.

When Eve Unwin and Suki Panesar had lunch together, things began to get rather sparky between the pair.

Despite Eve always being confident in her sexuality – and throwing the odd flirty jibe or joke Suki's way on many occasions – she was genuinely surprised at this turn of events.

EastEnders Suki Eve

(Image credit: BBC)

It appeared that Suki deliberately rubbed her leg against Eve's under the table, leaving her lunch date literally speechless – something that doesn't happen very often to gobby Eve!

Later, Eve confided in Stacey that she felt there was something between them, but Stacey found the whole idea outrageous.

However, Eve was convinced and went over to see Suki.

Going for it, she told her what she thought then planted a kiss on Suki's lips.

EastEnders' Suki Eve

A kiss is just a kiss? (Image credit: BBC)

However, she didn't quite get the reaction she hoped.

Suki hit out, striking Eve with a ferocious slap before ordering her to leave.

And it wasn't how viewers expected the scene to end either.

"Didn't see that slap coming," said one. 

While another was also shocked: "Ooh,I felt that," they posted. "It's still ringing."

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EastEnders Eve

Eve was slap unhappy! (Image credit: BBC)

The scene certainly got fans talking, with many thinking that Suki doth protest too much over what happened.

And several hoped this wasn't the last we'd see of this pairing.

"She totally liked it," said one of the kiss.

Another agreed: "I hope Eve doesn't give up."

One even came up with a name for the pair: "Not gonna lie, I want #Eveki to happen!"

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EastEnders tweet Eve Suki

(Image credit: Twiter)

But will fans get their wish as the story continues? 

If they do, the pairing will certainly set tongues wagging on Albert Square. Can you imagine?

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