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EastEnders fans CONFUSED after latest Mick Carter paternity twist

Mick is suspicious of Frankie in EastEnders
Credit: Kieron McCarron (Image credit: Kieron McCarron)

Frankie has opened the world's biggest can of worms by announcing that Mick is her dad...

EastEnders fans have been left confused after Frankie Lewis continued to try and convince Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) that he is her father last night.

The shocking twist first came in Monday's episode when Mick confronted Frankie about her interest in his family.

Frankie Lewis EastEnders

Frankie has told Mick that he is her dad - opening the world's biggest can of worms... (Picture: BBC)

Mick was determined to find out why Frankie had been trying to get close to Ollie and Tina, while also taking photos of everyone, but the last thing he expected her to announce is that she thinks he is her dad.

The mystery continues 

Last night's EastEnders saw the plot thicken when Frankie announced that her mum was Katy Lewis... a name the clearly struck a chord with Mick.

Mick Carter EastEnders

Mick was clearly stunned when Frankie told him her mum's name (Picture: BBC)

But fans are confused about how old Frankie is supposed to be and, if she is Mick's daughter, does this mean Mick has cheated on Linda (Kellie Bright)?

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While telling Frankie last night that he had been married and faithful his entire adult life, Mick seemed to think that Frankie had got the wrong man.

However, Frankie's mum is clearly someone he knows... so does this mean she is older than Lee Carter, Mick and Linda's eldest son?

Frankie Lewis EastEnders

After spending years looking for her dad, Frankie wasn't going to let Mick run away (Picture: BBC)

Fans are confused and have started coming up with their own theories, including the popular belief that Mick may have been abused while in care before he met Linda...

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By the end of last night's episode, Mick was adamant that he didn't have the headspace for Frankie's news and left the nightclub where they'd been talking.

Frankie wants answers

However, Frankie wasn't going to let him run away from the fact he is her dad, and tracked him down at home.

Mick Carter EastEnders

How long will Mick keep Frankie's news a secret from Linda? (Picture: BBC)

But how long will it be before Mick tells Linda what Frankie has confessed?

One thing is for sure, this is a revelation that is set to rock the Carter family to the core.

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