EastEnders fans heartbroken for distraught Rainie as Stuart does the unthinkable

Rainie Highway crying in EastEnders
EastEnders fans were devastated for poor Rainie Highway in heartbreaking scenes. (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders viewers were devastated for Rainie Highway (Tanya Franks) during last night’s episode (Wednesday, June 22) after Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ) gave back baby Roland to his biological mother Bernie Taylor (Clair Norris).

Recently in EastEnders, Stuart has been suffering from postnatal depression and has been struggling to bond with his son.

Last night’s episode saw Rainie panicking after Stuart ran off before the social worker came to visit. 

As Vi Highway (Gwen Taylor) and Callum Highway (Tony Clay) went off to find him, Rainie was trying her best to stay calm in front of the social worker and reassuring her that everything was going well with Roland.

Vi and Callum managed to find Stuart and convinced him to go back home for the social worker's visit.

As he arrived, a nervous Stuart tried his best to stay composed in front of the social worker, but things got too much to bear when Rainie started lying about how much Stuart loved Roland.

Stuart Highway

Stuart was uncomfortable during the social worker visit. (Image credit: BBC)

Stuart ordered the social worker to leave and forced her out of the house, leaving a furious Rainie to pick up the pieces.

Rainie confronted him about his behaviour and Stuart told her that he has no love for Roland and that he doesn’t care.

Stuart’s anger erupted and he violently threw the cot across the bedroom, before shouting that he doesn’t want him anymore.

He then took Roland and carried him across the Square to Bernie’s house.

As he profusely rang the doorbell, Rainie pleaded with him to stop, until a stunned Bernie and Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) opened the door.

Stuart gives back Roland to a stunned Karen Taylor

Bernie and Karen were startled by Stuart's behaviour. (Image credit: BBC)

Stuart demanded that Bernie take him back, but Bernie refused. 

As Karen tried to liaise with the couple, Stuart was adamant that he didn’t want Roland anywhere near him and gave Roland to them before they could say another word.

It was an emotional scene as Bernie and Karen shut the door and a distraught Rainie sobbed, begging for them to give her baby back.

Heartbroken fans were crushed by the intense scenes…

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EastEnders continues tonight at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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