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EastEnders fans stunned to spot THIS bizarre editing in tonight's episode

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Nothing gets past soap fans...

EastEnders fans were quick to point out a bizarre sound editing error in a scene between Kathy and Ian Beale tonight.

The baffling moment happened in a scene which saw Ian and Kathy talking about Ben Mitchell's operation being pushed back thanks to his high temperature yesterday.

Kathy EastEnders BBC

The scene started off normally enough, but then it all got a bit strange (Picture: BBC)

While the scene started off perfectly normally, there was an odd moment as Kathy walked from one room to another, only for her voice to sound completely different.

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The audio had clearly been added in at a later date... perhaps even added in at such a late stage that actress Gillian Taylforth might have had to record the line over the phone thanks to EastEnders studios being closed due to coronavirus lockdown.

After cooking everyone scrambled eggs, Kathy walked from the Beales' kitchen to the living room and said: "Come on, this breakfast is important".

Kathy EastEnders BBC

Fans were left baffled when Kathy's voice sounded robotic (Picture: BBC)

What Kathy actually meant is that she was cooking especially so they could sit and talk about it being the anniversary of Lucy's death.

However, fans were less fussed about the fact it has been six years since Lucy died, and more concerned about the fact Kathy sounded like she had turned into a robot...

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Kathy was also on fine form as she whipped Phil Mitchell into shape in tonight's EastEnders, too.

The worried mum marched to the Mitchell house to find out how Ben was feeling after his operation to correct his hearing was cancelled at the last minute yesterday.

Ben and Kathy EastEnders BBC

Ben was upset when his operation to fix his hearing was cancelled at the last minute (Picture: BBC)

But when Phil seemed less than bothered about his son's cancelled operation and more worried about the dodgy job he has got planned, Kathy soon gave him some stern home truths.

EastEnders will temporarily air a reduced schedule of two episodes a week. Watch on Mondays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 7:30pm on BBC One.