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EastEnders fans left SICKENED after this VILE attack on Walford legend

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EastEnders fans are convinced that Dennis deserved to be attacked by Bobby...

EastEnders has left fans shocked as Dennis Rickman launched a vile verbal attack on pregnant mum Sharon Mitchell last night, leading to tragic consequences.

EastEnders viewers have watched Sharon fighting to get her teenage son back in her life after the truth about her affair with Keanu Taylor was exposed.

Bobby attacks Dennis in EastEnders BBC

Dennis lashed out at his mum, telling Sharon that he didn't care if his baby sibling lived or died (Picture: BBC)

Since the news was revealed that Sharon's unborn baby was Keanu's and not Phil's, Dennis has been living with the Mitchells, with Phil using him as bait to wind Sharon up.

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But with Phil now out of the country, Sharon is fighting to get Dennis back on side, and last night's episode saw Kathy manage to talk Shirley into bringing Dennis to the Beale house to see his mum.

However, things soon got out of hand when he verbally lashed out at Sharon as she tried to apologise, and soon Dennis was telling her that he didn't care about his unborn brother or sister, and that he wasn't even bothered if the baby lived or died.

Bobby attacks Dennis in EastEnders BBC

Bobby stepped in to protect Sharon when Dennis started getting violent (Picture: BBC)

Fans were shocked by his rage, and when Bobby then stepped in to defend Sharon and ended up shoving Dennis over, fans thought Sharon's son deserved everything he got...

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As the argument between Dennis and Sharon escalated, things took a sinister twist when Dennis told his mum that he hated that she was his mother, leading to Bobby stepping in to defend Sharon before Dennis could lash out any more.

Bobby attacks Dennis in EastEnders BBC

Dennis fell in exactly the same place as Lucy after being shoved by Bobby last night (Picture: BBC)

But as Bobby pushed Dennis away from Sharon, the teenager fell and hit his head on the coffee table, landing in a lifeless heap exactly where Lucy fell when Bobby killed her with a jewellery box.

As Bobby raced out of the house in horror as memories of the night he killed his sister came flooding back, Dennis was left out cold on the floor.

Bobby attacks Dennis in EastEnders BBC

Bobby was horrified by his actions (Picture: BBC)

Has history just repeated itself and Bobby's killed Dennis?

Even if Dennis does recover, it seems unlikely that this family war is far from over...

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.