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EastEnders fans predict DEATH for this Walford favourite in shocking twist

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EastEnders fans think that someone is going to be accidentally killed in Walford...

Last night's EastEnders saw Kush Kazemi continuing his attempts to help Jean Slater by secretly putting her bipolar medication in her food and drink... but fans think he is playing a dangerous game.

EastEnders viewers have watched Jean stop taking her medication since the Daniel's death, and she has recently started to worry Kush who is looking after the Slater clan in Kat's absence.

Jean Kush and Shirley EastEnders BBC

Kush has been secretly drugging Jean in a bid to help her (Picture: BBC)

But when Jean refused to take her medication last week, Kush went to desperate measures to help her by crushing her tablets and adding them to her food.

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But last night's EastEnders saw Jean's best friend, Shirley, join Kush in his bid to save Jean, and she agreed that adding the tablets to her tea was a good idea.

Jean Kush and Shirley EastEnders BBC

Shirley has also started helping Kush with his plan to save Jean (Picture: BBC)

The pair grew increasingly more worried about Jean when she started behaving erratically, but not only buy buying lots of half price Easter eggs at the shops.

Jean was also getting herself in trouble with the police for calling them 46 times to report Whitney Dean's disappearance, despite the fact she is already home safe and sound.

Jean Kush and Shirley EastEnders BBC

Fans are worried Kush might inadvertently kill Jean (Picture: BBC)

Convinced that Jean needed help ASAP, Kush and Shirley loaded her drink with the crushed medication, but fans were worried that their actions were going to have disastrous consequences.

Viewers took to social media to share their worry that Kush and Shirley might end up accidentally killing Jean...

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Tonight's EastEnders will see the drama continue when Jean starts to feel unwell.

Jean is oblivious to the fact that Kush has been adding her medication to her food, and she ends up dramatically collapsing as a result.

Kush and Shirley

Will Kush and Shirley end up doing Jean more harm than good? (Picture: BBC)

As everyone panics and tries to find Jean, she is found just at the right time as she starts fitting... but will anyone be able to save her before it is too late?

EastEnders will temporarily air a reduced schedule of two episodes a week. Watch on Mondays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 7:30pm on BBC One.