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EastEnders fans predict SHOCK romance that would have DEADLY consequences

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There were sparks between Chantelle Atkins and Kheerat Panesar last night...

EastEnders fans have predicted there could be romance on the cards for Chantelle Atkins and her boss Kheerat Panesar after they got trapped in their office together.

Chantelle has been working with the Panesar family for a few months, despite the fact her controlling husband, Gray, isn't happy about the arrangement to say the least.

Chantelle and Kheerat EastEnders BBC

Chantelle panicked when she got trapped in her office with Kheerat (Picture: BBC)

But while Gray seethes about the fact his wife is spending time with other men, Kheerat has started to notice that all might not be as it seems between Chantelle and her husband.

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But last night saw the pair trapped in their office when the power was cut, trapping the door shut and forcing the friends to have a heart-to-heart.

Chantelle and Kheerat EastEnders BBC

Could Kheerat be the once to help Chantelle escape Gray's abuse? (Picture: BBC)

Gray, who was on the phone to Chantelle at the time of the power cut, was fuming that he couldn't get hold of his wife, but Kheerat was more focused on the way Chantelle's body language changed when she spoke to her husband.

As Chantelle started to panic about being trapped, knowing she was going to be paying the price when she got home to Gray later that evening, it seemed like she might be about to open up about her troubles with Gray.

Gray EastEnders BBC

Gray was fuming when he couldn't get hold of his wife (Picture: BBC)

EastEnders fans have predicted that Kheerat could be the one to realise what is going on behind closed doors at the Atkins' house... but will he be able to save Chantelle from her abusive marriage?

Viewers also notices sparks flying between the unlikely pair as well... and predicted there could be romance on the cards in the future...

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But how would Gray feel if he knew that there were sparks flying between his wife and another man?

Fans know that Gray has been abusing Chantelle for a long time, leaving her battered and bruised after each of his attacks.

Chantelle and Kheerat EastEnders BBC

Fans think there could be romance blossoming between Chantelle and Kheerat (Picture: BBC)

But even if Kheerat was able to help Chantelle get out of her terrifying relationship, Gray isn't going to he happy seeing Chantelle move on with someone else.

Or are fans right, and there could there be happiness on the cards for Chantelle at last?

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