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EastEnders fans sickened after disturbing Gray and Chantelle twist last night

Chantelle is unaware that things are about the get worse for her in EastEnders

Last night's EastEnders showed hints of Chantelle's death next week as Gray's abuse gets worse...

Last night's EastEnders has left fans shocked as a new twist in Gray Atkins' abuse was aired.

Viewers have known for a few days that Chantelle's (Jessica Plummer) bid to escape her abusive marriage is going to end tragically, and tonight's EastEnders saw another chapter in the run up to her death.

Chantelle EastEnders

Chantelle went to Kheerat for help last night (Picture: BBC)

After Gray discovered a pop up advert on his computer for a divorce lawyer and then saw that someone had cleared the internet search history, he realised that Chantelle is planning to leave him.

Gray plots his next move 

But of course, Gray is always one step ahead of his terrified wife and he confronted her when she got home.

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But instead of telling her that he'd seen the advert, he threw her completely by lying that he's started his own divorce proceedings.

Gray EastEnders

Gray was fuming to find Chantelle had been searching divorce lawyers (Picture: BBC)

However, Gray's mental abuse has always been as vile as his physical abuse and he started telling Chantelle that he would take her children away from her.

Devastated at the thought of losing Mack and Mia, Chantelle struggled to get her head around this new development.

Chantelle EastEnders

The thought of losing her kids was too much for Chantelle (Picture: BBC)

Horror for Chantelle 

But it was only when she had a bath to clear her head that things took a sickening twist.

Fans were left horrified when Gray let himself into the bathroom and told Chantelle that she had to hold her head under the bath water for two minutes if she wanted to keep her children.

Chantelle EastEnders

Chantelle begged Gray to stop when he ordered her to hold her breath under the bath water (Picture: BBC)

Chantelle begged Gray not to, alluding to the fact this has happened in their marriage before... but desperate to keep her kids, Chantelle reluctantly did as Gray said.

After Gray timed two minutes on his watch while Chantelle struggled for air under water, he finally allowed her to come up.

The scenes made for incredibly difficult viewing and fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts...

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With Gray's abuse getting worse by the day, Chantelle's desperation to leave has grown stronger.

By the end of the episode last night she could be seen telling Kheerat that she was leaving Gray the following day.

Chantelle EastEnders

Chantelle emerged from the water gasping for air (Picture: BBC)

But despite having Kheerat's help, sadly her escape plan isn't going to have the happy ending she's hoping for.

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