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EastEnders fans spot HIDDEN moment Gray Atkins' killer secret was exposed

Gray EastEnders
Gray EastEnders

Could Gray's terrible secret be exposed sooner rather than later?

Last night's EastEnders has given fans hope that killer Gray Atkins will have his true colours exposed.

Viewers watched in horror last week when Chantelle's final attempts to escape her abusive husband ended in tragedy.

Chantelle EastEnders

Chantelle met a tragic end last week (Picture: BBC)

As Chantelle (Jessica Plummer) told Gray (Toby-Alexander Smith) she was leaving him, he shoved her backwards, causing her to fall onto a knife that was lying in the open dishwasher.

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But instead of saving her life by calling an ambulance, a cold and calculating Gray went out into the Square to buy milk and give himself an alibi.

EastEnders Gray

Gray returned home after being questioned by the police over Chantelle's death (Picture: BBC)

Last night's episode of EastEnders saw the news of Chantelle's demise spread around the Square.

But while the Taylors struggled to get their heads around the fact Chantelle was gone, Gray was being questioned by the police.

EastEnders Kheerat

Kheerat is already suspicious that Gray had something to do with Chantelle's death (Picture: BBC)

Sadly for fans though, Gray was released and allowed to go home, meaning he won't be getting his comeuppance for Chantelle's death just yet.

Justice for Chantelle 

However, not all hope is lost, because a fleeting moment between Mitch Baker and Kheerat Panesar has left them convinced they are going to team up and bring Gray down.

EastEnders Gray

Gray's look of hatred towards Kheerat wasn't lost on Mitch (Picture: BBC)

As Gray climbed out of the police car after arriving back in the Square, he was playing the grieving husband to perfection.

But as Kheerat came around the corner, the men's eyes locked, and the look of hatred between the pair didn't go unnoticed by Mitch.

EastEnders Mitch

Mitch locked eyes with Kheerat, knowing he had information about Chantelle's final days (Picture: BBC)

Fans are convinced that this is a sign the pair are going to team up...

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Mitch and Kheerat team up?

Tonight's EastEnders will see Mitch continuing to try and work out what happened the night that Chantelle died, and he goes to see Kheerat, knowing he might have the answers.

Mitch is stunned when Kheerat makes the shocking confession that he and Chantelle were planning to run away from Walford together.

Kheerat tells Mitch Baker Chantelle was unhappy with Gray in EastEnders

Fans are desperate for Mitch and Kheerat to join forced against Gray (Picture: BBC)

The news that his daughter was planning to leave Gray leaves Mitch rattled, but before anything more can be said between the pair, Suki arrives.

By the end of this week, Kheerat will share his theory that Gray killed Chantelle with Mitch.

But can they find the proof that they need to bring Chantelle's abusive husband to justice?

EastEnders airs Mondays at 8.05pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.35pm and Fridays at 8.30pm on BBC One - see our TV Guide for full listings.