EastEnders fans think Keanu Taylor is keeping another shocking secret!

EastEnders Danny Walters as Keanu Taylor
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EastEnders fans are convinced Keanu's secret romance with Sam Mitchell isn't the only thing he's keeping quiet about.

In fact, they're convinced he could actually be double crossing Phil! 

And they're worried poor Keanu won't last until New Year, thanks to his dangerous involvement with the Mitchell family.

Viewers think that the revelation that Keanu and Sam Mitchell had a fling in Spain could mean Keanu's up to something.

And they're concerned that could mean poor Mr Taylor is for the chop!

Especially as the news about the romance means Keanu's now slept with Phil's sister, his daughter Louise, and his wife, Sharon.


Keanu Taylor talks to DCI Keeble

Keanu's been talking to Keeble but whose side is he really on?  (Image credit: BBC)

Keanu was run out of town by Phil and Ben after his steamy affair with Sharon. And Phil wasn't impressed to find out that Keanu was the dad of both his granddaughter Peggy, and Sharon's son Albie.

So when Keanu rocked up in Walford again just before Christmas, viewers were shocked to discover he was working with Phil to bring down DCI Keeble.

And there was another shock in store when it was revealed that Sam and Keanu were once an item.

But messing with Mitchell women doesn't often end well - and Keanu should know that better than anyone! 

Sam Mitchell

Sam's been keeping secrets about how well she knows Keanu! (Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Viewers were amused by the revelation about the romance and pointed out that Keanu obviously has a type.

But despite a few eyebrows being raised at Keanu's taste in romantic partners, the fans were worried where this could all be leading.

In fact, EastEnders viewers think Keanu could be in danger now the romance has been revealed. 

And they reckon it's only a matter of time until Phil finds out the truth.

When Sam cornered Keanu in Albert Square, he warned her that she didn't want Phil to discover that they'd had a fling.

But the fans think it's Keanu who should be watching his back and even said he had a "death wish" to get involved with Sam.  

And one fan wondered if there was more to the romance than first meets the eye, predicting that far from Keanu helping Phil to bring down Keeble, he could be on the other side!

Could Sam and Keanu be plotting against Mr Mitchell?

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