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EastEnders to air NEW baby drama for pregnant Linda Carter

Linda is trying to conceal her pregnancy in EastEnders

Linda recently discovered she was pregnant with Max Branning's child...

EastEnders will air another shock for mum-to-be Linda Carter next week which will see her fearing for her unborn baby.

The expectant mother recently found out she's having Max's baby after their fling earlier this year.

Being in the family way has brought all sorts of complications for Linda, especially because she has since reunited with husband Mick.

Linda has exherted herself in EastEnders

Sharon is stunned when Linda confesses she is pregnant (Picture: BBC)

Despite Mick claiming he is okay with the fact his wife is having another man's baby, it is clear that the news has knocked him for six.

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While Linda might be five months gone already, the couple have managed to keep the news to themselves, and so far no one else knows.

Fearing the worst 

But next week will see fresh drama for the family when Linda's health takes a turn for the worst and she suddenly collapses.

The drama happens when Linda is trying to make amends with her daughter, Nancy, after their recent falling out.

Linda Carter is in hospital in EastEnders

Linda panics when she can't feel her baby moving (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

When Nancy offers her mum a personal training session at the gym, Linda jumps at the chance to spend time together.

But in her determination to hide her pregnancy, Linda pushes herself too far and suddenly collapses.

Sharon and Nancy call an ambulance, but while they're waiting for it to arrive, Linda tells Sharon that she's pregnant but Nancy doesn't know.

Linda Carter and Sharon Beale are in hospital in EastEnders

Linda Carter tells Sharon that Mick isn't the father of her baby (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

There is panic when Linda admits she can't feel the baby move, but thankfully the doctors confirm all is okay.

But just when Linda thinks her drama is over, she tells a stunned Sharon that the baby isn't Mick's.

How will her best friend take the news?

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