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Emmerdale confirms SHOCK death in next week’s huge stunt week

Jimmy loses control in Emmerdale

Next week's Emmerdale will see a main character killed off...

Emmerdale has become famous for its huge stunts over the years, and next week will go down in soap history as one that viewers won't forget.

But as always with soap stunts there will be some casualties, and Emmerdale bosses have revealed that at least one villager will meet an untimely end.

Mandy prepares herself in Emmerdale

Mandy gets ready for her wedding, oblivious to the drama unfolding between Vinny and Paul (Picture: ITV)

The week, which will feature a series of flash forwards, will begin with an urgent 999 call from Jimmy King.

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Then each episode will open with a flash forward, revealing a little more information each day about three hospital beds and who their occupants are.

Vinny takes another brutal beating from his father in Emmerdale

Vinny is subjected to another beating from Paul (Picture: ITV)

But by the end of the week tragedy is due to strike when sadly one villager dies - but who is dead and how did it happen?

Mandy and Paul's doomed wedding 

Mandy's wedding to Paul will take centre stage for the big week, but as fans know their nuptials are going to be far from happy.

Mandy's beside herself with excitement as she prepares to marry the man of her dreams, not realising that he has been subjecting their son, Vinny, to months of horrendous abuse.

Liv confronts Paul in Emmerdale

Paul doesn't take too kindly to Liv confronting him (Picture: ITV)

Viewers recently watched in horror as Paul left his son with internal bleeding following his last attack... but sadly for Vinny he will find himself Paul's punchbag once again next week.

But while Vinny continues to cover for his dad, Liv is getting closer to the truth and after a conversation with Connor, the pieces all fall into place.

Mandy in wedding dress Emmerdale

Mandy is ready to say 'I do' but her wedding is about to end in tragedy (Picture: ITV)

However, when she confronts Paul in the wedding barn before the ceremony, will she regret crossing a man so desperate he is capable of doing anything?

Jimmy's week from hell

Jimmy will also feature heavily in next week's drama when the pressure of trying to protect his son Carl gets too much.

Desperate for cash after Juliette sabotages yet another business deal for them, Nicola takes matters into her own hands and makes a deal with Mack.

Desperate Nicola takes matters into her own hands in Emmerdale

Nicola goes into business with Mack to make some fast cash (Picture: ITV)

But when she finds herself in trouble with Juliette's private investigator, Mack calls Jimmy to tell him his wife needs help.

Jimmy panics and prepares to race home in his truck, only to then get a call from Amy who tells him Juliette is trying to take the kids without permission.

Jimmy loses control in Emmerdale

Stressed out Jimmy loses control of his truck and causes a huge crash (Picture: ITV)

Stressed-out Jimmy hot foots it home, but as he struggles to breathe and the glare of the sun hits the road, he loses control of the vehicle with devastating consequences.

Who won't make it out of the wreckage alive?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays - see our TV Guide for full listings.