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Emmerdale fans are all asking THIS question as Vanessa’s hostage nightmare continues


Vanessa's hostage drama is getting soap fans talking...

There is something bothering Emmerdale fans as Vanessa Woodfield's hostage nightmare continues, but what has got them talking on social media?

Emmerdale viewers have watched in horror as Vanessa has been held hostage by evil Pierce Harris since last week.

Vanessa held hostage by Pierce in Emmerdale ITV

Vanessa has been tied up since last week, and fans are wondering how she is going to the loo! (Picture: ITV)

She found herself caught up in his sinister plan to get ex Rhona back when she bumped into him while looking for son Johnny's football behind the Woolpack, and Pierce decided he had no option but to kidnap her and Johnny and hold them hostage in Laurel Thomas's empty house.

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But while Vanessa is terrified that something awful is going to happen now that she knows Pierce is capable of murder after he confessed to killing Graham Foster... fans are more concerned about how she is managing to go to the toilet!

With Vanessa being tied up at all times thanks to Pierce's sinister plotting, she has been either attached to Laurel's staircase or the kitchen cupboards since last week. But has Pierce been letting her free when nature calls?

Vanessa held hostage by Pierce in Emmerdale ITV

Poor Vanessa is starting to wonder if anyone is coming to rescue her (Picture: ITV)

One fan pointed out: "Presumably, Pierce is going to let Vanessa visit the lavatory?"

While another agreed: "Vanessa must have a very strong bladder going nearly 2 days without a wee!"

And one fan commented on the fact she hasn't had a drink for days... "Oh dear Vanessa. Looks like she's going to be tied the banister for at least a week. Not certain how her bladder will hold. Though she hasn't been drinking fluids so should be ok for another episode."

Friday (14th February) night's episode showed Vanessa finally manage to wriggle free from Pierce's knots around her wrists, and she promptly grabbed a knife and tried to head upstairs at the house to free her son, Johnny.

Vanessa held hostage by Pierce in Emmerdale ITV

Will Vanessa make it out her hostage drama alive? (Picture: ITV)

However, Pierce caught her before she barely made it to the stairs, leading to a horrific fight between the pair.

But tonight's Emmerdale sees her still under Pierce's watch, and as Rhona starts to really worry about her best friend, Charity vows to give up checking her phone with Vanessa apparently blocking her calls.

How much longer will Vanessa have to wait for someone to save her? And how much longer will she have to wait to use Laurel's bathroom?!

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.