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Emmerdale fans brand Moira a 'hypocrite' — but still laugh at her FILTHY joke!

Emmerdale sign
Emmerdale fans were in hysterics at Moira's cheeky joke! (Image credit: ITV)

There was family drama in Emmerdale in Monday’s episode (August, 1), as Moira Dingle (Natalie J. Robb) discovered that Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) was pregnant with her brother Mack’s (Lawrence Robb) baby.

Charity has been trying to keep her pregnancy on the downlow, still getting her head around the fact that she and Mack are going to be parents.

However, Mack was bursting with excitement and told Moira his news. And her response brought a big reaction from fans — and left some speechless with laughter when she made a very dirty joke.

Moira and Mack

Mack was elated with the news. (Image credit: ITV)

When Moira bumped into Charity and revealed she knew what was happening. Charity was shocked that Moira knew her secret and stated that “someone needs to learn to keep their gob shut.” Moira was quick to quip back, “Well, we both know what you have to keep shut.”

Viewers were quick to react to the saucy comeback.

“Moira! Love it!” exclaimed one fan after the joke. While another added, “Tell it like it is girl” and there was also a stream of ‘crying with laughter’ emojis posted by amused viewers.

Moira and Charity

Charity was stunned by Moira's comeback. (Image credit: ITV)

Moira and Charity

Fans loved Moira's quick wit. (Image credit: ITV)
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But fans were quick to point out that Moira had a bit of a cheek calling out Charity on her pregnancy. After all, Moira is no stranger to a late-in-life baby herself.

Back in 2017 Moira gave birth to Isaac, not realising at the time she was pregnant to Cain at the time. Back then, Moira was in her mid 40s, which is the same age that Charity is now.

Moira and her baby son Isaac

Moira gave birth to her son Isaac in 2017 (Image credit: ITV)

“Moira is so hypocritical,” reckoned one. While another queried: “Moira was 46 when she had Isaac, wasn’t she?” and one put simply, “Pot, kettle, Moira.”

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Of course, Charity and Moira have hardly been bosom buddies over the years, and this news looks set to give them ever more reason to snipe at each other.

It might make for an uncomfortable situation for poor Mack, caught between the two women in his life, but it’s fantastic for Emmerdale viewers if it brings us more scenes like this one.

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