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Emmerdale fans convinced THIS village LEGEND could DIE after shock twist


Emmerdale fans have predicted dark times heading for Cain Dingle...

Emmerdale fans are fearing the worst after Cain Dingle landed himself in grave danger in last night's episode.

Emmerdale viewers will know that Will has found himself in a world of trouble after getting on the wrong side of corrupt police officer Malone.

Will is uneasy in Emmerdale

Will has been targeted by dodgy Malone for weeks (Picture: ITV)

Malone has found out that the gun Cain used to accidentally shoot son Nate recently was his, and now he is making Will pay for getting his firearm caught up in dodgy business.

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But while Will is desperate to protect his family, he has been doing illegal jobs for Malone, and most recently he has found himself part of drug trafficking as Malone hides packages in cars that are delivered to the garage.

Cain and Will take on Malone in Emmerdale ITV

Cain was stunned to find out that Will was being blackmailed by Malone (Picture: ITV)

However, Cain has caught on to what is happening after finding the drugs, and last night confronted Will about what was going on.

He might be a dodgy Dingle, but Cain has always vowed to stay away from drugs, and he was fuming that Will has made his garage associated with them.

But when Will dropped the bombshell that Malone knows he shot Nate with his gun, Cain realised he is also caught up in the trouble with the corrupt police officer.

Will comes clean to Cain about Malone in Emmerdale

Cain decided last night that he would be the one to sort out Malone (Picture: ITV)

Determined to end things with Malone once and for all, Cain crushed one of the cars used in the trafficking and told Will that he has made plans to confront Malone the following day.

But fans are convinced that Cain is signing his own death warrant by taking on the dangerous policeman...

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There is more trouble to come when Cain meets with Malone later this week and things turn sinister as the police officer issues a chilling threat...

Cain and Will take on Malone in Emmerdale ITV

It looks like Cain might have met his match in Malone (Picture: ITV)

As Cain returns from their meeting, he soon realises he has bitten off more than he can chew because not only has the garage been trashed, but Moira's prized bull has been murdered on the farm.

How is Cain going to get himself out of this one? Now we know Malone is capable of killing, could Cain become his next target?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.