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Emmerdale fans spot evidence Gabby Thomas is trying to KILL Kim Tate

Gabby Thomas isn't happy as she chats to Kim in Emmerdale
Gabby Thomas isn't happy as she chats to Kim in <a href="/emmerdale/" data-source-seowords>Emmerdale</a>

Eagle-eyed viewers are convinced that Gabby Thomas is the one poisoning Kim Tate...

Emmerdale fans have been trying to work out who has been poisoning Kim Tate ever since it was revealed that someone had been drugging her drinks.

When you're as unlikeable as Kim Tate, there's no shortage of people who could be responsible for trying to bump you off... but fans have been doing their detective work.

Gabby Thomas isn't happy as she chats to Kim in Emmerdale

Fans are convinced that Gabby is the one causing Kim's health problems (Picture: ITV)

While some viewers think Kim's son, Jamie, could be guilty, others think his ex Andrea is the one who wants to see Kim suffer.

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There has even been mention that it could be Joe Tate back to get revenge on Kim.

However, most fans are convinced that it is mum-to-be Gabby Thomas who is guilty.

Kim Tate sees the baby scan in Emmerdale

Kim called Gabby and Jamie's unborn could 'my baby' last night, leaving gabby quietly seething (Picture: ITV)

Is Gabby double crossing Kim?

Last night's Emmerdale saw Kim praising Gabby for her loyalty, telling her that she has proved she can trusted after standing up for Kim in a row with Andrea.

Gabby was later seen giving Kim a photo of her baby scan that she attended with Jamie in Monday night's episode.

However, when Kim commented 'Oh, my baby' as she looked at the image of her unborn grandchild, Gabby clearly wasn't happy and had a face like thunder.

Gabby Thomas isn't happy as she chats to Kim in Emmerdale

Gabby gave Kim a look of pure hatred, leaving fans convinced she is poisoning her (Picture: ITV)

Fans are convinced this is proof that Gabby is the one secretly working against Kim, and that her loyalty is all just an act...

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With fans putting their money on Gabby scheming behind Kim's back, what could the expectant mum have planned next?

Is she just trying to teach Kim a lesson? Or is she actually trying to kill off her baby's grandparent?

Whoever is poisoning Kim had better hope she never finds out... if there's anyone who loves getting revenge it's Kim Tate.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays - see our TV Guide for full listings.