Emmerdale fans TORN over Mandy’s reaction to bombshell secret

Emmerdale's Mandy
Mandy was heartbroken to find Vinny has been lying to her. (Image credit: ITV)

Tuesday’s episode Emmerdale saw another twist in the tale. No, not Meena’s machinations (we’ll come to that later) but Liv and Vinnie’s top-secret wedding.

With an envelope addressed to Mr and Mrs V Dingle arriving through the post the last thing the newlyweds needed was for troubled teen Noah to get his filthy mitts on it. 

Chastised for asking about their nuptials, Noah was not going to take it lying down and just admit he was in the wrong. After lashing out at Chloe and Jacob for sleeping together the other week, we’re sensing a pattern here. 

Could Noah be the village's next big bad baddie? 


Vinny had some explaining to do last night. (Image credit: ITV)

Our Mandy was in bits when she discovered Vinny and Liv were already married. Her solution? To drink endless cups of tea and make it all about her. 

Twitter was alive with the sound of fans' opinions over the fact she was just upset that she hadn't been given the opportunity to get done up and be centre of attention... but one thing fans could agree on was that Noah was an evil snitch for opening the envelope and informing Mandy. 

Secret assignations, mysterious envelopes changing hands, forget The Ipcress File, Emmerdale is your place for super-spy action!

But some fans were convinced Mandy had overreacted... 

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While other fans were loving the scenes between Mandy and Vinny... 

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Emmerdale also wouldn’t be Emmerdale at the moment without another twist in the Meena tale. 

Emmerdale Meena in prison with Manpreet visiting

Meena has been spinning more lies to the police.  (Image credit: ITV)

After receiving a slap from her sister earlier this week, Meena had contacted her new best friend Detective Rogers and he was straight round to Manpreet to question her, in connection with Andrea’s death.

Like Manpreet, this left fans reeling, incredulous, dazed and confused. Viewers took to Twitter, and they didn’t mince their words...

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Elsewhere, Charity and Chas continued to row over their pub and B&B relaunches with Chas moving her big event to the same day.

Eric urged for a peaceful solution, but Charity turned a deaf and decided to stick to her guns. So, on Thursday, the villagers have a tough decision to make... will they choose soggy sausage rolls and cheese and turkey twizzlers at the B&B or Marlon’s fancy canapés? Luckily, viewers are invited to both!

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