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Emmerdale reveals HEARTBREAKING exit plan for Moira Dingle next week

Moira begs Cain in Emmerdale

Emmerdale couple Cain and Moira contemplate their future next week...

Emmerdale favourite Moira is planning to leave the village for good next week after her relationship with Cain appears to be beyond repair.

Viewers have watched Moira (Natalie J Robb) and Cain (Jeff Hordley) slowly reconnecting over the last few weeks, with Cain clearly still harbouring feelings for his wife.

Moira tells Cain to stay away in Emmerdale

Moira is upset when her decree nisi comes through next week (Picture: ITV)

But with Moira's affair with Nate Robinson still hanging over them, it seems the couple will never manage to get their relationship back on track.

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End of an era

Next week's Emmerdale sees Moira devastated when her decree nisi come through, making her realise that her marriage to Cain is well and truly over.

As Moira breaks down to Rhona (Zoe Henry) about the state of her relationship, she realises there is little keeping her in the village now and makes plans to leave.

Cain reminds Moira that she broke his heart in Emmerdale

Moira tries to stop Cain doing something he will regret next week (Picture: ITV)

However, it seems that hold that Cain has over her is far from gone, and later when Sam Dingle asks her for help she can't stop herself getting involved.

When Cain announces he is going to teach Jamie Tate a lesson for the way he has treated Belle, Sam is alarmed when he picks up a length of metal pipe.

Cain tells Moira the truth in Emmerdale

Moira begs Cain to move on from her affair with Nate (Picture: ITV)

Realising that Cain won't listen to his pleas to stop, Sam begs Moira to talk him down and she agrees.

The pair meet at the Dingle barn, where Moira reminds Cain of what happened with Joe Tate and how he struggled with the guilt of what happened.

Forced to talk 

But before Moira can work out if her words have got through to Cain, the doors of the barn slam shut and the pair are locked in by Mackenzie.

Mackenzie locks Cain and Moira up in Emmerdale

Mackenzie locks Cain and Moira in the barn, forcing them to talk (Picture: ITV)

With Cain's plan to kill Jamie now dead in the water for the time being, he and Moira have a heart-to-heart, making the most of their unexpected time together.

Moira begs Cain to forgive her for her affair, pleading to fix things between them.

Moira and Cain are trapped in Emmerdale

Cain Cain stop Moira from leaving the village? (Picture: ITV)

But Cain isn't going to be won over that easily and he coldly reminds Moira that she broke his heart.

Can Cain change his mind and make Moira stay?

Or is their broken romance going to force Moira out of the village for good?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays - see our TV Guide for full listings.