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Emmerdale fans beg bosses not to KILL OFF Robert Sugden

'Robron' were a huge hit with fans - but it seems Aaron is now moving on...

Will Robert die in tragic circumstances?

Distraught Emmerdale fans are pleading with the show’s writers not to kill off Robert Sugden in a brutal plot twist.

Viewers have been left reeling by the reported news that Emmerdale favourite Ryan Hawley is leaving the soap as Robert.

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Now, fans are clinging onto the hope that Ryan will quickly make a return as Robert and that the soap won't decide to terminate the character for good.

“Emmerdale please don’t kill Robert off as all us Robron fans will be devastated if he exits in this way! He is so popular and you will lose a lot of viewers if this happens and he can’t ever comeback!!” said one.

Another wrote: “So Robert is leaving. Can we put all our energy into asking Emmerdale to not kill him off.”

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But fans have other theories on how Robert will exit Emmerdale, with one of the favourites being that he will murder Victoria's rapist Lee and be sent to prison.

In tonight's episode, Robert and husband Aaron (Danny Miller) track down Lee (Kris Mochrie) to the car dealership where he works. The pair trick Lee into taking them out for a test drive and then they try to force a confession out of him.

Robert and Aaron visit a car dealership in Emmerdale

Robert and Aaron lay a trap for Lee tonight in Emmerdale. Could Robert end up killing the rapist?

And people are speculating that in a desperate bid to get justice for his sister, Robert might turn violent and even kill Lee! "Is Robert going to kill him,?" pondered one. While another said that Lee deserved to die.

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Are Robron doomed in Emmerdale?

Everyone's just hoping this isn't the end of Robron. Last year, after countless ups and downs, the pair finally got hitched.

But with Ryan now heading off, this could mean that despite only being married for less than a year, Robert and Aaron might split.

Robron Wedding Emmerdale

Robron finally got hitched last year, but could it soon be all over for them?

And if Robert did murder Lee, leading him to spend a long time in jail, would Aaron stick by him?

Emmerdale continues tonight on ITV at 7pm.