This Emmerdale legend left fighting for their life tonight, reveals star

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Anthony Quinlan, who plays Pete, reveals all about this evening’s Emmerdale drama. Has Pete killed girlfriend Rhona in a freak accident?

A sequence of events lands Rhona Goskirk in the wrong place at the wrong time in Emmerdale tonight... and she’s left fighting for her life!

The vet’s card is marked when she agreed to cover Vanessa’s shift. Rhona (played by Zoe Henry) was hoping to have a duvet day at home with her boyfriend Pete Barton. But she gives up on the idea when Pete – who has a seriously bad hangover – goes to work.

When Pete arrives at Butlers, his cousin Matty (Ash Palmisciano) forgets to tell him that one of the tractors is playing up!

“Cain does warn Matty that the tractor isn’t in working order, but Matty fails to relay that message to Pete,” says Anthony Quinlan, who plays Pete.

Meanwhile, Rhona’s arrived at Butlers to check over a herd of cows, who aren’t where they should be. “She rings Pete, who looks at his phone,” explains Anthony. "Pete sees Matty, swerves and crashes into the barn!"

Pete's brakes fail and he crashes into the barn

Pete's brakes fail and he crashes into the barn in Emmerdale this evening

Unknown to him, Rhona’s on the other side…

"The forks go through the barn and knock over a load of heavy hay bales. They push Rhona into a fence and she’s impaled," he continues.

"When Pete hears Rhona’s voicemail, he realises she was inside the barn. He runs over with Matty and they find her bleeding profusely, in and out of consciousness."

Pete's brakes fail and he crashes into the barn

As the tractor crashes through, poor Rhona inside is belted to the ground. And left lying unconscious and bleeding on the floor...

As Pete throws blame at Matty and Cain, he knows he shouldn’t have been driving with a hangover – or answering his phone...

Pete's brakes fail and he crashes into the barn

Is Rhona dead? Will the ambulance reach her in time?

Can the emergency services save Rhona?

Emmerdale is on at 7.00pm and 8.00pm this evening on ITV.

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